Monday, November 19, 2012

Lame Again, and Some Photos

Yesterday, Red came up lame again in the left hind.  No heat, no swelling, no tenderness, and walking and standing perfectly normally, but short striding with the left hind at the trot.  It's hard to say what caused his relapse, but it could have been any number of things - too many days working in a row, the farrier working on him last Friday, although he showed no sign of discomfort, or just plain running or playing in the pasture.  When I rode him yesterday, everything was fine at the walk, but as soon as I asked for trot I knew something was up - instead of trotting he volunteered a nice left lead canter instead - easier on the left hind than trotting.  I put him on the lunge, and sure enough, lame again.  He's not quite as bad as the worst he's been, but it's not a minor lameness, either.  So we're back to our regime of walks in hand for now.  He had two grams of bute yesterday, and another today, and at the end of the week I'll put him on the lunge again and see how he's doing.  These sorts of set backs are pretty common with soft tissue injuries.  If he improves again over time, we'll just continue rehabbing as slowly as we need to.  If he doesn't improve, we'll deal with that when the time comes.  He's a happy, healthy horse in all other respects, and for that I'm grateful, and his sweet, friendly personality makes me glad to spend time with him.

Today I had some time to take a few photos before the horses came in from turnout.  Dawn was standing around - she's in her darker winter coat:

She gave me the "Dawn eye":

Pie (left) and Red (right) were chowing down:

Pie had to come see what I was up to:

But quickly went back to eating:

Pie's got a big head, although the photo makes it look even bigger - some would call him homely, but I think he's very handsome, and he agrees:

Getting anything other than "nose shot" photos of Red is difficult, as he's so friendly:

Red went off for a nibble:

Lots of photos of Pie eating:

That big jowl comes in handy for big bites of hay:

The dynamic duo - love some of the expressions:

I enjoy taking photos of the crew - should do it more often!


  1. My Chance goes "funny" in the hind end every now and then. The vet found nothing, so the idea is to keep him legged up--I have not been diligent in that, but so far he's sound again. Hopefully Red's limp is just a minor setback. Frustrating.

    Love the pictures. They capture your horses's personalities.

  2. hope that his lameness is resolved soon. I used to ride a horse called jake that would just go lame for no apparent reason and whenever the vet saw him they couldn't see why he was lame. Hopefully Red will be sorted soon

    loved looking at the pictures :)

  3. thanks for posting pictures - looking at them made my stress level go down today :)

  4. That picture of Red from behind....I swear that he and Killian are cut from the same cloth! They are built almost identical. The only thing that Killian had that Red doesn't is a big old gut that never goes away.

    Hope that lameness gets better soon.

  5. Beautiful horses! Thanks for sharing the photos.

  6. So frustrating about Red, if only they could talk. Hopefully this is just a minor setback.

  7. Wishing you and Red the best in healing whatever is going on with him.

    Nice to see some photos of your crew! Pie might have a big head but I think there is refinement there, too. I think he's pretty handsome! And I love Red's backwards comma.

    Dawn and Pie look like they are in pretty good condition, muscle-wise, especially considering all ups and downs with their work!

  8. Sorry to read Red is off again. I think Pie has a handsome head

  9. Hi Kate!
    Was looking for Red's initial lameness link..sometimes you have them embedded in post. Think it was July, he turned up lame?

    I'm going for microcurrent applications now with Wa. We start tomorrow, since I know exactly " where" she is injured.

    1. KK - in mid June, he almost fell with me while we were cantering in the arena - and was lame in the left hind after that. Then, about a week after that, he got kicked in the side of the hock, with a lot of swelling, although it didn't really change his lameness. Since then, we did several months of rest (with full turnout - he wouldn't tolerate stall or pen rest), followed by a slow rehab. He was coming back well, but went lame again a month or so ago - probably too much work on my part. There is no heat, swelling or tenderness, just short striding on the left hind - likely hock or stifle, but it's hard to tell. I'm evaluating him tomorrow on the lunge to see how he's doing, and keeping fingers (and toes) crossed that he's continuing to improve. If not, I'll probably take him to a vet clinic for a full lameness work up since it's been 6 months . . .


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