Thursday, November 29, 2012

Pictures of Pie's Half-Brother

I sent the old man I bought Pie from in the late fall of 2010 an update on how well he's doing.  In return, he sent me a picture of him with his new project - Pie's half-brother (his name is Stubby!).   When I got Pie, his old man told me he was done starting young horses, but I guess he changed his mind.  Stubby looks to be a long yearling, and I'm guessing he has the same sire but a different dam, since Pie's dam has passed away.  There's quite a family resemblance - he looks like he's going to be a very nice horse!


  1. They do look a lot alike! Whatta cutie!

    1. I forgot to mention that the old man also has Pie's full older brother, a lovely horse named Copper, who looks more like Stubby in terms of markings and size - Pie is taller, more TB/Appendix looking, and has less white markings.

  2. He's cute, and Stubby is such a cute name. I guess he couldn't resist.


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