Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Even Colder

The temperature today made it up to about 8F (-13C) with a wind chill of -5F (-21 C) - the low last night was -4F (-20 C).  I kept my three horses in for a bit this morning, and then put all three out - Dawn was double blanketed.  Within two hours, Dawn was at the gate, hunkered down, and glad to come back into the barn even if it meant being by herself.  I checked on the boys a couple of times during the day, and both times Pie gave me the "I'm outta here" treatment - the first time he was at the water trough drinking and sucking his tongue, with Red keeping watch from the hill.  Pie looked at me for a moment, then turned and sashayed off - at this point the wind chill was about -10F (-23C).  The second time Red was on the hay bale, and Pie was playing a vigorous game of bite-face with another gelding - he looked at me but had no interest in coming in.  Apparently those boys don't get cold too easily - but that makes some sense as they're both from cold climates - Pie was born in Montana and lived north of Minneapolis, and Red is from Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

It was pretty darn cold when I got to the barn, and the arena wasn't much warmer than 20F (-7C).  I did some grooming and walked Dawn a bit, then called it a day.  No one seemed to mind - even Red wasn't demanding to come out of his stall - I expect all that wind and cold is tiring.  Tomorrow things are supposed to be slightly warmer, and we'll be riding again . . .


  1. Dawn is a girl after my own heart... with temps like those, I'd want to be snuggled up in the barn too! Stay warm!

  2. When it comes to cold weather Dawn and I are definitely cut from the same cloth!

  3. I can't imagine living in such cold weather (I'm a California girl), but I'm glad the horses can stand it.


  4. I hope this cold snap ends soon! It is even a bit colder here... My guy seems to do ok in the cold with lots of shelter and lots of hay.

  5. It hasn't been this cold in years but the herd seems to be fine with it. We don't blanket them anymore unless it's raining. They have shelters but don't even bother to use them.

    Having an indoor is nice but it's still cold. Sort of reminds me of a meat locker. At least it keeps the wind at bay and the footing unfrozen. Hope we all warm up soon.

  6. I wish it was that warm here! -2F with a -31F windchill today and even that is warmer than it's been. I have to admit the weather makes doing horse chores pretty miserable. But yesterday was a heat wave of 8F so I didn't even have to wear glvoes to the barn! But my two horses both handle the cold pretty well. Pistol is blanketed and I added a fleece liner because he is old and has a hard time keeping weight on. Duke was outside eating hay on the coldest day -50F windchill, naked and looking as comfortable as ever. That horse is proof that less is more! I've never met a healthier horse

  7. Winter is definitely making a statement this year.

    The horses here seem to tolerate it far better than I do. I'm just making sure they have plenty of hay and fresh water.


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