Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Fun with Nicknames

My three riding horses are all registered - a first for me as our others aren't.  So my three horses come with registered names.  I used to think TB registered names were often yucky (Slick Sheik, anyone?  - that was the TB registered name of one of my daughters' first horses) until I encountered QH registered names.  My first QH was Walla Bars Bonanza - sort of weird, but related to his pedigree and not too bad.  His nickname was Noble - he came with that name and it suited him.

But how about these three registered names - Silent Dawn (TB; always makes me think of dead birds; the name has nothing to do with the names of her ancestors); JTS Speed Glo Cody (QH); and Driftin' to the Money (QH; double yuck).  At least both the QH names are related to their pedigrees, and Red was bred to be a money-winning barrel racing horse.

Dawn came to us with her nickname.  Again, it's not one I'd have picked but it's OK.   Pie could have been nicknamed Cody but I'm glad he was called after Jimmy Stewart's movie horse Pie (not the Pie from National Velvet) - he came to me with this name also and I like it and it really suits him.  A side note - I rarely change horse's names when they come to me since they almost always know their names - there have been two exceptions, the first being Lily - she came to us nicknamed Lulu, which was just plain awful - Lily is very close in sound so we changed it to that.

Red's nickname when he came to me was Drifter, and he's the second case of a name change.  I'm sure the name was intended to draw attention to his double Driftwood Ike breeding, but I always disliked it - for me it had overtones of shiftlessness.  He also came to me with some serious behavior issues which took some time to get sorted out.  But once they did, it seemed that a name change in celebration of his personality transplant was in order.  Red is a pretty common horse name, but it suits him and he seems to like it.

But in addition to their nicknames, all three have additions that I regularly use when I'm with them.  Dawn is always Dawnmare; Pie is always Pie Pie; and Red is always Redman.  Does this happen with you and your horses?  What are your horses' nicknames, and do they also have "secret" nicknames?


  1. I can't even think of Lily in my head as "Lulu" without busting out laughing. Talk about a naming FAIL, glad you changed it!

    I have to say I actually like Silent Dawn, I think it is cool name and makes me think of a meaningful moment in time or something.

  2. Haha the pony I lease is called Pony. Shes a blm mustang and came with the name Mustang Sally. Like, lame much? Her owner tried calling her sal for a while, but it just never stuck! Shes a super delicate little mare, and being just under 14 hands, Pony suits her more than anything!

  3. Great post, made me smile!
    We have Monty the mini mule who is simply called The Mini (suits him somehow), then we have Keensacre Roland the pony who has become Roller or when no one's listening Roly Poly Pudding and Pie (don't ask...) and then there is my bigger mule who's registered name is Nector Bee. She is now Callie or more commonly Dragon (suits her too!)

  4. My horse's to be registered name is Thee Ashke (planning on the registration with my tax returns this year. He's 7, so the cost is somewhat more expensive and not something we could do while rehabbing him.) It is both a combination of his sire and dam's name (Thee Asil x Bint Kieshta) and from a Mercedes Lackey book "Magic's Pawn". It means beloved in Lackey's world. So, a win on both.

    His barn name is Ashke. Pet names that only I use are Ash, Bubba, Beautiful, Prince.

  5. I love your post! Yes, I nickname my horses too. I named Panama, as he was a yearling and nameless (except for a vague "Racer" that the breeder's kids called him, but he was left to his own devices so he had no idea they were calling him anything at all). I often call him Pan, and sometimes Panamonster, depending on his behavior that day.

    Rondo came to my mother-in-law with the name of Rodeo. (Again, he was a little over a year and didn't really know that he had a name.) She thought that was bad ju-ju, but as I started working with him he learned it very quickly, so she named him Rondo (after the cowboy Johnny Rondo -- in a song and I think a TV show too) since it was similar. I haven't given him any nicknames yet, but I'm sure I will think of at least one as I spend more time with him.

  6. I had the opposite problem. CP came to me with 'CP' being the nickname for Chestnut Pony. They never named the poor guy! So I had a nickname and had to come up with a cutesy show name for the kids. I settled on Charming Prince. Just the right amount of cheese.

  7. I love this sort of (embarassing) stuff :D
    My two have registered names, Jack Sparrow (coolest name ever!!!) but his petname is Aero which gets lengthened to AeroBubbles from time to time (Aero is a British/Irish chocolate bar with bubbles in it).
    Flurry Knocks (named after the character Flurry Knox in Adventures of an Irish RM) is Flurry because it is just so right for him but when he's being extra cute he's Mr FlurryPants ;)

  8. I always think horse's registered names are funny. Shyloh was named aptly. . .she is shy. Although she has come out of her shell, when she meets new people she is still a little shy. When she came to me it was Pumpkin (named by some kids), but she didn't know that name since she didn't have it long.

  9. Camryn came with her name, it suits here and I like it. More often than not you can hear me singing "girlie girl" to her though. Then other times it's "Be-otch" LOL

  10. My horse is Echo Dancer (Eastern Echo x Cherry Lady x Bold Lad). I didn't know his pedigree when I got him--no one knew he was OTTB; they thought he was appendix QH. I was going to call him Edmund Spenser, after the poet (chichi name for a dressage horse ;o) and then I decided he needed a call name and it would be easier to name him "Lucky Eddie" after Hagar the Horrible's little friend with the oil funnel hat.

    Then I really LOOKED at him--his four white socks made it seem as if he had outgrown his little red suit. So he became Baby Huey (which I found out later is a common barn name for racehorses). When I got his pedigree from The Jockey Club, he was Echo Dancer (initials E-D), so the "Edmond/Eddie" names would have fit, too. However, he's "Huey," and he answers to that--though he just SEES me and starts talking.

    He's also "Butter Butt" and "Honey Bunny," but not when anyone is around. And the DOGS know that when I say we're going to see the "Big Dog," it means we're going to the barn ;o)

  11. When our first foal was born, we stood in the barn wondering what to call him. Eddie immediately came to mind, don't know why (altho, later I realized it was my grandfather's nickname). For registered name, I wanted something that at least had the same first initial. Hubby suggested "Evening Song" (I'm a musician), and I contracted it to EvenSong (in line with the ritual of evening prayer). And EvenSong became the farm name as well.
    Since then, all my babies has musical names (or dance-related): Two-Way Waltz,(a Kate Wolf song that Al and I danced to at our wedding) aka Pete , Adagio (Dodger), Canticle (my Kate) and Madrigal (Maddie), Lindy Hop and Brioso, Amber Arabesque (Amy), Jubilate (Jackson).
    Kate is often "Sis" and Maddie sometimes gets called Missy or Miss Maddie or Maddie Mae...

  12. Oh goodness, Salem has many nicknames, many of which are totally silly and one or two that I rarely say and can't type because I don't want to offend anyone. ;-) Most of the time he's Saley, Saleyboo, Bubba, Bubbala (I think this is Jewish and I have NO idea why I started calling him this, other than the fact that it's like Bubba and kind of rolls off the tongue), Boogie, Handsome Devil, etc. Totally not creative, but there ya go.

    My last BO was named Lulu, lol. I had never heard the name before and assumed it was a nickname, but I think that's her actual name.

  13. Lilly's nickname is Sweet Pea. I'm not sure how that nickname came to be, but when I go to the pasture to grab her, I always call to her using Sweet Pea. In fact, I rarely call her Lilly unless I'm speaking to other people about her.

  14. Yes, this seems to be the nature of our relationship with horses. My husband's two quarter horses are named Doc Sam Peppy and Smart Chocolate, both nods to their illustrious pedigrees. The first is nicknamed Sammy, but is often called Beans for his habit of farting when he startles or bucks. The second is nicknamed Oliver (which we usually shorten to Ollie), because he was very sick as a foal (my husband was his vet) and had projectile poops - getting it "all over." I also call him Oliver Twit (a take-off from Oliver Twist) for his less than sensible mind.

    My new horse is named Lancelot Dun Dino and is nicknamed Lance. Haven't had him long enough for other names to form and stick!

  15. Like you I didn't like a lot of the names that were on the horse's pedigree papers. I don't mind Dusty's name on her papers, it's Moon's Stardust. So I can see where they came up with Dusty. I tried to call her something different when I got her but after five years of being called Dusty she wouldn't even look at me. It's such a common name but she does know it so I was stuck with it.

    Now Blue's name when he came to us was Toby, I couldn't go with that so my older daughter (who's horse he really is) named him Biloxi Blue because he's from Mississippi and Blue just stuck. I'd have called him Bowie because of his eyes, but it was her horse. He's been known to be called Boo-Boo or Boo Boy when we're being silly.

    Donnie was Donnybrook so we changed it to Donnegal. Nate has some fancy Dutch Warmblood lines but we settled on Nate because as my daughter was training him as a youngster I said "he's got the attention span of a gnat." And that morphed into Nate. We have so many silly nicknames for them all it would take a post to name them all. Fun post.

  16. Chilleens Catana (my beloved old mare) had a couple , Tanie Annie, Fuzzy Bear, and as she got older simply Annie, she answered to all. And Phoenix of course has been known as Fix, since my young nephew met him

  17. I love reading all these horse nicknames!! So fun. Bre's name amazingly fits her "Treat me Gentle". That pretty much sums up how you get along with Bre. My mom nicknamed her her Breedle Deedle which stuck and when I am calling her from the field Breedle DEEEEEEE!!! Dickie on the other hand only has the nickname. It is a not 100% PC was he got the name. I still need to pick a registered name for him. I haven't come up with anything I love yet.

  18. Fun post! Admittedly all of my horses have just had their registered names and whatever barn name they came with, even when that barn name hasn't been the most inspiring. Now my dogs on the other hand...Smidgen is the queen of nicknames. I'm not sure how she ended up with so many. It just seems like there is always a new part of her personality that needs acknowledgement in a name. She is Smidge, Shorty, Smidget, Smidglet, Hiyou, Heyou, Nub, Ears, Monkey...I'm sure there are some I'm missing. Every name has a story behind it. She's just a very nameable dog.

  19. Almost every horse (or animal for that matter) has more than one nickname. We had a cutting horse at the barn I used to manage. Here registured name was High Brow Mover, So we called her Mover, which eventually became "Moo Moo's" because after all that was what she chased :-) My first horse was Good Time To Review, but I guess he came to the barn with the name Charlie. But the barn already had a Charlie Red, and a Charlie Brown, so we called him Charlie Yellow (he was a palamino). But like I like to do, I started calling him just Yellow, and then that became Lellow.
    My OTTB's jc name was Pine Bend which had nothing to do with his pedigree, I did some research and found out that his owners named him after their friends Oil Refinery in Minnesota (which is very close to where he ended up retireing from racing!). I mostly called him Piney. But around the barn he started getting known as "Pinecone" which eventually morphed into "Cone-y" and then eventually "Cone-man".
    I think animal nick names are so much fun!

  20. Hi Kate!
    HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your herd!

    Well, with a name like WASHASHE- (WA-SHA-SHE) who can ever get it right?? NO one I know but me, actually.

    I tell people to shorten it..but usually, before I do, they always rename her in some of the most hilarious fashions such as:

    I renamed her "WaWhowho" for a while, that went over well.
    Of course now, I tell people to call her Wa. It is just easier!
    My personal nicknames for her started with one that we called our kitten, "Button". The vet's assistant actually wrote that down, the first time I saw him...whoops.

    Now,I when I call her, it's more a noise than a name, and I can't make that come across here! It does start with a W though!

  21. My Gunner is Gun Gun, but most of my horses have "easy" names, so don't get nicknames. Sunny gets called Sunshine a lot. My old horse Flanigan, now buried here, was nicknamed Goose. Fun post!


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