Saturday, January 26, 2013

Pie Says He's Fixed My Right Bend

Pie continued to work with me yesteday on fixing my right bend, and I expect he was pretty satisfied with the progress I made - he must have been mighty frustrated/annoyed with me.  The ride before that he worked with me on my right bend at walk and trot.  My job, he told me, was to keep my eyes up - way up - which meant my chin and head were up and my posture much improved with my shoulders and legs open and not blocking.  No blocking/pushing with leg or pulling/fussing with my hands.  We were to ride to where I was looking, with forward, and in corners and bends, all I was supposed to do was subtly "ride to the outside" as I described in my last post.

We did this work again yesterday, starting in walk and trot.  Pie's gaits were very forward and he had great impulsion since his front end wasn't blocked.  Then the true test - canter.  Right lead canter has been a real struggle for us - lots of falling in, inversion of head and neck and wrong bend by Pie, and lots of fussing, pushing and pulling by me.  Very ugly.

Yesterday our canter work was just about perfect - on both leads - the right lead was just as wonderful as the left lead.  Pie was forward but not rushing, maintained perfect bend in both directions, including on circles and deep into the corners, and was able to offer quite a bit of softness on a very nice soft contact.  We did a fair number of wonderful canter laps in both directions, then I stopped him, got off and put him away, even though we'd only worked for about 20 minutes.

You could just about see him saying "I told you so. . ."  Now, if we ever start having trouble with our bend again, I'll know where the problem is - me - funny how that's usually the case if I'm having an issue with one of my horses . . .


  1. I always knew Pie was a smart trainer!

    1. Yes - but now I'm worried he may think I'm a slow learner . . .

  2. Yep, so true. Darn horses - they do it right when we get out of the way.


  3. So true, it's amazing how much small things in the way ride can cause such problems. Pie's really cool and seems extremely smart! I read your above comment about him thinking your a slow learner, I don't think he thinks that I think he loves you and even when things take time to work out he doesn't mind and he helps you. :)

  4. I love the way you wite this from Pie's perspective. Sounds like a great ride, and good technique.
    I tend to do the same thing you do with bending, only to the left. Funny how it's usually us :). I'm also becoming more aware of not blocking and it's wonderful.

  5. Well done, Pie. You are a top teacher.

    As I said the other day, it's amazing how much our bodies impact how our horses go. Chin up! *S*

  6. Hi Kate, so pleased. Its truly amazing how honest horses are, they dont create any issues, its unfortunate but we are the ones who have them.

  7. Great news of the canter ....and on both reins aren't you a star. And I agree sometimes it's good to finish on that super high and pop them away on a positive note. I bet you are thrilled


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