Thursday, March 21, 2013

Extreme Norman Cuteness

Just had to share a very cute photo that I just saw from Paradigm Farms, where Lily, Maisie and Norman the pony are retired - here's Norman (on the left) hanging out with a pony friend:


  1. Adorable...his pony friend looks like Abbe.

  2. Adorable! :-)

    I really admire you for keeping all your horses and giving them such a great, well-deserved retirement once their careers are over. I wish more people did the same!

  3. Oh, yea, so adorable that one..and cutie friend too!
    Nice to see them!

  4. He's very sweet and a real cutie. Looks like he's made a good friend...also adorable.

  5. That is a cute photo! Norman's got quite a distinctive face. :)


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