Monday, April 29, 2013

Birthday Boy Pie (with Lots of Photos)!

Pie has a birthday today - he's now seven. I've had him since he was four and a half, so for about two and one half years, and as those of you know who've been following along, we've certainly had our ups and downs since then, mostly due his greenness and my need to step up and be a better rider, but also due in part to his bouts of EPM and Lyme.  He and I have come a long way together, and he has matured into a fine, fine horse.

Here are pictures of Pie as a foal and a yearling - I got the pictures from his seller, who's the man on the far right in the second photo:

Here's a picture of Pie the day I brought him home as a four year old.

Here we are on one of our earliest trail rides - he really looks young in this picture:

And here he is today - big changes - he's grown several inches and really filled out and muscled up.

And here he is before our ride today - we rode in the outdoor arena for the first time this year, and had a marvelous time with lots of cantering (more room and wider turns, which Pie appreciated)(he must have blinked just as I took the first picture):

Here I have the same silly grin (my helmet is always crooked), but notice how much taller Pie is now:

I love his profile:

And as he walks along, he's doing one of his favorite things - sucking his tongue:

Red, who was plenty dirty from rolling, of course had to get his share of today's photo shoot:

Here Red's making sure I know he's keeping an eye on what I'm up to, even while grazing:

This photo captures Red's very sweet, but also intent, personality:

Now, back to Pie after our Red intermission . . .

I love Pie's nose - he's my only (non retiree) horse with white on his nose:

And I love his really excellent feet:

But most of all, I just plain love my Pie:


  1. Happy Birthday to your Pie. I remember when you were horse hunting. Doesn't seem like over 2 years ago!!!

  2. Cutie Pie ;) Happy Bday and love the pics (yes, love his feet too!)

  3. I love all the pictures of Pie. What a sweet boy.

  4. Happy birthday Pie :) Thanks for the lovely photos, they both look grand.

  5. What a great looking boy. He reminds me of my first horse, Sunfire. You look great together.

  6. Happy Birthday Pie!! Great photos!

  7. He's been a handsome boy from the day he was born. Sure has matured into a real hunk. Love all the've done a great job with him!

  8. Happy Birthday handsome guy! He's really grown in the years since you've had him and matured into a wonderful horse. But then again he was wonderful when you first got him too. I think we all love Pie.

  9. Happy birthday, sweet Pie! Best wishes from Canada.

  10. Happy Birthday Mr. Pie! Only one day after Silk's birthday - only much much younger than my grand old mare. I love these photos - his hooves are fabulous, not to mention the handsome profile and the adorable white on his nose. I hope you enjoy many more years together!

  11. Happy Birthday Pie! Also, I LOVE his baby picture!!!

  12. Happy Birthday Pie! Looking good :)

  13. Aaww, how sweet! I love that YOU love your Pie!!! :) He is a handsome, handsome horse...happy, happy birthday big guy!!! Your big, beautiful Pie Man has turned into a gorgeous fellow and a fine horse. You both look happy.

  14. I guess my message didn't send earlier!
    Happy Birthday Pie!!
    I love those red ponies!

  15. Happy birthday Pie! One of my favorite horses on the blogs I visit. He's really grown into himself, hasn't he? I hope this year, he stays healthy and that you have many great rides together.

  16. Awww, what lovely pictures! Happy Birthday, Pie!

  17. I Had A Funny Little Memory Today....I Remember Thinking About Pie One Day, Right As You Were Looking Into Him. I Was Waking To Get My Mare, When I Boarded Way Out In The Country.
    Loved All The Research You Did.

    Look At Him Now! Be Sure Has Come Up Nicely With You! Love His Snip Too. Mine Has That.
    Fabulous Photo Journey, And The"Red Intermission" Was Good...Cute Eye, As He Kept Track Of Ya!


  18. Happy Birthday Pie!!! What a wonderful horse - from foal to big seven year old boy now! Thanks for sharing all those photos. You look so happy!

  19. What a handsome boy! Happy b-day, Pie. :-)
    *Now I'm scratching my head because I thought you rode English (maybe I just assumed???)*

    1. Frizzle - I do - I ride both English and Western. The Western saddle I use - the one on Pie - is designed to put you in a balanced seat position - unlike many Western saddles. It feels just like riding in a dressage saddle. I ride Dawn in my Kieffer dressage saddle - it's what she's used to - and the boys in the Western saddle. The Western saddle also has an extra-high cantle - 5" - which can help me stay on in the case of sudden moves out on the trail.

  20. I love seeing Pie's baby pictures every time you post them, he was so cute! Happy Birthday to Pie, I love his roman nose, I think it makes him so handsome.

  21. What can I say Kate? .....I take it then, the long suffering husband has taken these great shots? I am smiling:) As usual, a great post.

  22. I love Pie's nose - the little snip on it reminds me of Echo's. For some reason a snip just seems quite babyish and cute.


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