Thursday, June 20, 2013

More Fun with Horses for Sale . . .

Now for some fun . . .

Based on what you can see in these sale ads - none of them really have enough info - which horse would be your preference?  Which horse do you think would be my preference? - they're all horses I'd consider worth an email or a phone call to start, although I've already got my biases based on what's in the ads.

New truck and horse trailer arriving in July . . . (just saying) . . .

Horse #1

Horse #2

Horse #3

and you may remember this guy, Horse #4.

Have fun!  I'll give you my thoughts/questions on these horses in the comments when we're done.


  1. They all look like good "usin' " horse, Kate.. I'm kind of surprised at the first seem to be partial to red horses. :-D wish there was a better conformation shot.

  2. Nice selection of horses! All seem to have some decent bloodlines - I recognize the names, but don't know a lot about any one in particular. Lots of red horses too!
    :-) I'm not going to comment on conformation, since I don't have a good eye for that stuff...

    I'm not sure which one you would favour - you do like your red geldings...but do you want another one? Maybe a mare would be a good challenge this time around?

    At a quick glance, I would follow up with horse 1 and horse 2 - I especially liked the look of horse 2. He had a nice face and just overall looked good.

    I wasn't as keen on horse 3 and horse 4, but I start to lose interest when people put the temperament level up to 5 - I know it is totally arbitrary and people probably lie on those things all the time, but as a nervous rider, I'm really looking for the 1-3 in that box. That is just me and my issues though!!! :-)

  3. My personal favorite is the dun mare. She'd be perfect for me but I'm wondering if she would be enough of a challenge for you. For you I think #'s 3 and 4 with my preference being #4, Red.

  4. Sorry, Kate, but I wouldn't want any of them. . . not dissing the horses, they just aren't what I would want to ride.

    However, if I had to choose, (pain of death sort of threat) I would pick Badger. He is very QH typy, still young enough to teach to do anything (IMO), and his conformation (from what you can see in the photo) looks decent. Of course, I don't know what I would do with him, since I have zero interest in reining or cutting, but there you have it.

  5. Kate....Did you win the lottery or what? Truck and trailer in July and 4(?) horses. My pick is the mare/#1. You are getting itchy so it looks like something is going to happen soon.

  6. Interesting choices, I would probly not pick any of them either, not that they are not nice horses, I just dont really care for horses used for penning. 1 sounds a lot like my Bailey horse but quieter, and 2 is sure pretty I really like him although he looks butt high in the first pic which I dont care for. 3 is too fineboned I think and 4 sounds pretty nice, sounds like you like 4 since this is the second time you put him up here ;)

  7. Here are my comments so far on these horses - I'd want to know a lot more about each of them before going to see any of them - my method last time when I was looking was to do a lot of emailing and telephone calls with an objective to eliminate as many horses as possible without a visit - it's possible to fall in love with a horse on a visit - I fall in love with every horse on a visit - even if the horse isn't right or has some issues.

    Anyhow . . . read the next comments for my thoughts.

  8. Horse #1 - the photo is useless - I'd want full conformation photos - front, back and from both sides. The fact that the only good photo they had was one where her ears are back may mean something, or else that she's just a mare. They have a legitimate reason to be selling - why people are selling is a good tell about the horse and its issues.

    Looks like she's got a lot of trail experience, and she's not hot from what I see. Might be a really nice trail horse who's got some get up and go if asked. The breeding is find with me - nothing objectionable and a fair amount of Three Bars and and some classic working horse breeding as well.

    The plain package is appealing as well.

    But still lots of questions.

  9. Horse #2 - like his look - very sweet face and seems quite calm. Lots of Doc Bar with a little Mr. San Peppy - don't mind that. He seems a bit of a chunk, and as one person commented, perhaps a little downhill. Not too sure about his feet - they look small and upright for his build. Like his description and what he's good at. Lots of questions.

  10. I'd add that horse #2 is relatively straight through the hock and stifle.

  11. Horse #3 - she's small and very lightly build - not pros in my mind. Likely to be a bit reactive and catty - a 5 in temperment in these adds often means fairly hot. Her breeding's pretty nice from my point of view. Would want better photos and a better understanding of her personality and experience.

  12. Horse #4 - I like the look of him a lot although the photo isn't that good - would want proper conformation photos before I did anything else. Pedigree looks good as well - a lot of good using horses in there. In the video, he seems somewhat reactive and amped up - and I was surprised at his trot/canter transitions, which seemed rough and not appropriate for a horse of his age and training - I don't mind shaping that but didn't see a lot of good training showing through.

    Liked his look a lot, and didn't mind that he seems a bit hotter . . .


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