Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Temptation . . .

I occasionally take a look at horses for sale on line - if I can ride three horses most every day, I should be able to ride four, right?  Anyhow, if I were in the market for a horse, I'd be very interested in this guy:

Horse ad and pedigree.

In doing some searching on line, I found out that he passed through a ranch horse sale (lot 37) in Nebraska (still as a stud who was probably at least three years old), and I also found his breeder's site and this (blurry) picture of his sire:

Just the sort of conformation and pedigree I like - solid, athletic, well put together and bred to be an all round using horse with a good mind.

I'm without a truck and trailer right now, which makes resisting temptation easier - for now.

Just saying . . .


  1. looks like his nickname is Red from the 'notes' section...Coincidence?!

  2. I noticed that too - his nickname was different when he went through the sale.

  3. I am ALWAYS online shopping for horses. Our pasture can't handle any more but it doesn't stop me from looking :-)
    I am a sucker for red horses.

  4. Handsome fellow. Just like potato chips.


  5. I too am always looking, even though the last thing I need is another horse ;)

  6. Ha Ha! The wheels are turning....

  7. I keep looking at adoption horses. Seems to be a chronic illness among us horse owners. I don't have any more room either. *G*

    That's a good looking fellow in the ad. Just exactly the kind you like and, his name is already "Red."

  8. Hahahaha .....a girl after my own heart.....I'm always keeping an eye out too!!


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