Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Looking for Fly Masks . . .

Dawn lost not just one, but two different, fly masks - nice Cashell masks with ears and long noses - in her pasture over the past week or so.  I've been looking, and not finding - the pasture she's in isn't that big, maybe 5 acres.  The boys don't wear fly masks in turnout - Red won't tolerate one and the boys also play too much face tag to keep one on.  Their pasture is a lot bigger than Dawn's, and I wouldn't want to have to search for masks in all that acreage.  Dawn appreciates her mask - she has a terrible problem with tiny flys that like to get in her ears - but when she rolls she often dislodges the mask from one or both ears and then it just falls off - whenever I find one of her masks, it's always still fastened.

So today I had a little time, and was systematic about it.  The masks weren't in the shorter grass - they would have been easy to see - one was gray and the other black.  They had to be in the rough - the mares' bathroom areas, where the grass and weeds get taller - or in the weedier areas along the stream.  So I slogged through every one, and found not one, but two masks, deep in the weedy areas where she'd rolled - it made sense that she wouldn't roll in the roughs and now I know where to look next time.  And I found a shoe - pad, clips and nasty nails protruding - and two boots . . .

We'll see how long she keeps her mask on this time . . .


  1. LOL. MY Red lost four halters and two fly masks the other day..BO bush-hogged and found them all right next to each other!

  2. Always a challenge to find the missing pieces of tack, clothing, etc. our horses manage to lose. The lost shoe thing always frustrates me. They seem to turn up months after I've had the farrier out to make a new one to replace the lost one.

  3. Try looking for missing masks and halters somewhere on 40 acres. I usually find something when I'm out in the mule. The guy who cuts our pastures brought me in two very muddy halters today and one fly mask. A few are still missing but it's a start.
    At least you know where to start your search now.

  4. Sounds like you discovered even more treasures than you set out to find! Our pastures are too big to find anything without some serious luck. I have to keep a flymask collection so that when someone needs a mask we can just replace the lost ones each day . . .


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