Saturday, July 13, 2013

Pasture Photos on a Sunny Day

Sometimes on the weekends, I have the time to take some photos in the pasture.  It was a beautiful, sunny day today, so when I went to retreive Pie from the pasture - he's up to 4 hours of grazing and doing just fine - I took my camera along and got some fun pictures of the boys.  So, without further ado . . .

Red hindquarters:

Red legs and feet:

Red silouette:

Pie hindquarters:

Pie legs and feet:

Pie scratches himself:

Pie hind feet:

Red approaches:

Red profile:

Red scratches - love the shadow:

Red (left) and Pie (right) together:

Pie in shadow:

Pie in sunlight:

Red tail flip:

Pie head and leg close up:

Red next to a very large friend:

Pie bites the grass:

Red in sunlight:

Hope you enjoyed our photo shoot!


  1. Great shots of horses just being horses. And no "nose closeups!" Well done. *G*

    1. There was a (blurry) nose closeup of Red - it's unavoidable - but I deleted it.

  2. Beautiful pictures. I love the last! How tall is Red?? His build looks similar to my Red, a Quarter Horse, but he looks a little shorter than mine. Mine is 15.3, last time I measured, but he's been gaining weight-he was quite skinny when I got him-and has grown about 3 inches since September, so he could be up to 16 HH now.

    1. Kalin - my Red is just 15 hands. The tall horse next to him in one of the photos is 17.3. Pie is about 15.3, I think - he might be 16 hands.

  3. Gotta love a copper red chestnut! , nice behinds too

    1. Glad I've got readers who appreciate a nice set of (horse) hindquarters ! (My husband, who is not horsey, just thinks it's weird . . . )

  4. Your boys look gorgeous, shiny and happy! They certainly do live the life of Riley. :-)

  5. Good pictures, really nice to see the horses.

  6. I do appreciate a good rear end! Your boys definitely fit the bill :). It's nice to see them in their free time.


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