Friday, July 19, 2013

Tomorrow . . .

Today was very, very hot . . . the heat index is still 97 at 5:00 p.m.  Horses came in early - I caught Dawn and Pie when then were just getting uncomfortable and didn't need to be hosed off.  Red was way out in the far pasture - about a half mile from the barn, and as usual, cool as a cucumber.  But once his halter was on, he was on a mission - to get to Pie, who was already in the barn.  He tried to trot, and tried to pass me, a few times, and kept calling to Pie.  Finally, I unclipped him - he walked free next to me for a few strides, then I told him to go and he exploded into gallop and headed back up to the barn.  I met him there - he took a huge drink - and had to hose him off because he was all sweaty from his run.

The horses were comfortable under their fans, despite temperatures in the barn over 90.  I picked stalls in the afternoon, groomed and put on fly spray, and topped up hay and water - taking each horse to the outdoor tanks for a drink.  Tomorrow, after the cold front comes through, we ride . . . three days without riding seems like an eternity to me . . .


  1. Can't wait for the weather to cool on Sunday. We're a little behind you with the weather system. Went to town today and the car temp registered at102 and the humidity is a killer.

    I'm sure all the horses will be relieved too. Red seems a very cool character in this heat.

  2. Cold front's not making it to us... Val's been getting midday cold hosings + watermelon snacks daily.

    All your horses are wonderful, but I really enjoy hearing the Red stories. He is a character. :D

  3. Your Heat With It's Humidity, That's Killer Bad...Hang In.
    We Don't Have Fans In Oregon, They'd Rust Or Short Out. It's Far Cooler Outside Than In, Here.
    Hope It She's Cool For You...
    I've Just Had 3 Days OF No Riding, Due To An Eye Injury In WA..But Last Night, She Was Better...Bareback And Bitless We Weren't Forth...She Enjoys Getting Out, Like I Do!!

    Sundays Coming, You'll Be In Heaven Riding!


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