Monday, September 23, 2013

Red is Lame (Again)

Red incurred a fairly serious injury to his hindquarters - a torn muscle and strained Achilles tendon - last year in June.  In the past week, he's come up lame again - he's happy to trot on the lunge but pretty gimpy - I'd grade him at least a 2 out of 5 lame, maybe even a 3.  There's a contusion low on the outside of his left hind, with some hard enlargement, but increasingly I think that this isn't the problem and that he may have aggravated his injury from last year - these things are prone to reinjury.  There's no significant swelling around the left hock as there was last time, but he's been asking for a butt and left hindquarters massage every time I groom him for over a week now - something's up.  Tonight I put him on the lunge (very briefly) and he's certainly lame, although not at all reluctant to trot.  Since he insisted, we rode bareback at the walk, with lots of nice figures and some lateral work.  He was happy with this, and went back to eating his hay (instead of banging on his door or nickering to come out), while I slathered on some Sore-no-more gel in all the possible sore places.  He seemed to enjoy this, so it must have felt good.  One day at a time . . .

Bummer . . . but at least I have two other fine horses to ride in the meantime.


  1. Oh no! Hope it's just something minor and Red is back to himself quickly. In the meantime, I'm sure he appreciates the liniment butt massages! ;-)

  2. Hope this is short lived & Red heals up sooner then later. Until then, I am sure he is enjoying your TLC.

  3. Hope this is just a minor setback and he's feeling better soon. I'm sure the massages help him feel better.

  4. Sending positive thoughts your way for Red's quick recovery!

  5. Sorry to hear Red's nqr, though it sounds like he's got matters well in hand, what with directing your massaging, insisting on some light exercise and all... too funny. Val also recommends where the massaging should go - hindquarters are top of the list. ;D


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