Saturday, September 14, 2013

Which One is Best?

People sometimes ask me which of my horses I like best.  I always tell them I don't have a favorite, and it's still true and maybe even more so than it's been.  I've had three really outstanding rides on my three over the past three days, and they were each so excellent in their own way - when I debate in my mind which horse I like to ride the most, there's no answer, since they're all so excellent.

A couple of days ago, my back was sore (too much poop shoveling, I guess), so I only rode Pie and we only rode at the walk - letting my back move with him at the walk helped ease the soreness.  We were by ourselves, and walked all around a couple of the big pastures.  He walked along on a loose rein, went where ever I wanted with no effort at all on my part, and was relaxed and forward at the same time.  We went all over, and went way back in one of the pastures well out of sight of the barn.  He called once, but just kept right on motoring.  It was very nice and very, very relaxing.  We stopped for our usual drink at the water tank, and he did his charming "big drink - tongue sucking - big drink" thing - it always delights me.

Yesterday, Red and I had a fantastic ride.  We started in the indoor and did a lot of very nice trot and canter work, and then went outside.  We walked all around the big pasture by ourselves - there was a lot of noise and machinery for the road work on the adjacent highway but he was relaxed and happy.  At the top of the hill a hundred yards or so from the barn, we did a bunch of very nice trot sets with lots of figures and some straight line more forward trot - he was completely soft and very responsive while also very forward - a lovely combination.  Then we motored on a loose rein back to the indoor and did a bit more trot and canter work.  It was just delightful.

This morning, Dawn and I had an excellent ride too.  It had gotten much cooler overnight - I think the low was near 40F.  Dawn was very happy with the temperature, and was quite forward but very responsive.  We worked in all three gaits, and she was such a pleasure to ride - very soft and using herself nicely from behind.  We finished with some short/long trot work, and she gave me some very energetic collected trot with a slow cadence but great power - another delightful ride.

Who can say which one is best - I certainly can't!


  1. I don't think there is a "best" horse out there. Everyone has different wants, needs and preferences. For instance, my mother has a little 14.2 Appaloosa named Spirit, his name fits him. ;) That horse bucks, rears, bunny hops, bolts, you name it. But that's what my mom loves. She loves the crazies, the ones that are just a wild ride and you don't know what to expect. I personally wouldn't really want him though. Now, I own a Quarter Horse. 15.3, muscular, huge, just a pleasure horse. Very calm and docile, willing. But the thing about my Red is this-He has sweet itch, he's stubborn, he's sassy. He'll bunny hop but not to the extremes. He used to HATE running and when I got him he was very lethargic and thin, his previous owners had to move him because Florida was wreaking havoc on his skin and she, my aunt, couldn't afford the feed he needed. They always told me he'd never run, ever. He has a VERY rough gait from that. He REFUSED to go. But now, he loves to run with me. I mean he'll go as fast as possible but only with me. My mom, while she LOVES Red to death, she wouldn't really want to own him for herself. It just depends! :)

  2. A lot of people will say they have a special place in their heart for their first horse. I know this is true. Betty is riding my first horse, Morgunn. I love my Rocky, Sugar, but I will always have a special place for Morgunn.


  3. I have a favorite... my first mustang, Chance. But I really do love them all the same and don't treat them any different. And I also believe we bond with them in different ways. My OH told me that he see's that bond between Chance and I. And so do I. It is undeniable. She is my girl. Rio is moving up on that list... such a tough, wild girl... but she has stolen my heart.

  4. I agree with Kalin. A "best" horse really depends on what you want and need. It doesn't mean you don't love the other horses, you just prefer a different temperament, body build, etc.


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