Sunday, October 20, 2013

Dirty Day

I was very short of time today, so the horses had what we call a "dirty day" - hoof picking and very little else other than checking everyone over for any nicks or cuts - none, thankfully.  Dawn got some minimal grooming so she can be in her insulated rain sheet tomorrow - it's supposed to only get up into the mid 40s with some fierce wind, and she appreciates a little extra protection in weather like this.  The boys will be fine, and got to keep their various muddy patches.  A good, but brief, day with horses.


  1. I'm sure they don't mind being a little dirty. I sometimes think they prefer it at least mine do.

  2. Our boys seem to enjoy a bit of mud on them for a day or two, then they're very appreciative of a good grooming...just to relive the adventure all over again!


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