Saturday, October 26, 2013

Getting a Routine Back, and the Boys Go Missing

Now that the boxes have been unboxed and most of the errands completed, and the new place is starting to feel like home, I'm starting to get my routine back.  My usual routine, if appointments and other interruptions (like lameness or too much to do in other areas) don't get in the way, is to ride Dawn five mornings a week - every day but Sunday and Thursday - I'm doing other things on those mornings.  I try to ride the boys five afternoons a week, and they almost always get Wednesday afternoons off (music lessons) and one other afternoon off, usually Sunday.  So other than most Sundays, that means I ride every day at least once and three times on some days.  This means riding takes up a really big chunk of my day, but that's how I like it and I configure my life to make it possible.  For example, I live about a five minute drive from the barn - this makes going there twice in one day possible.

I actually managed three rides both yesterday and today. Dawn and I had a fantastic ride this morning.  She was much more relaxed from the start than she's been in our previous two rides, although it was cold and windy and the arena roof was whistling and the doors were banging.  We had a freshly dragged arena, which was delightful - the guys get done early on Saturdays so the arena is dragged before I ride.  I worked on keeping my posture open and body allowing so she could move up and through me without blocks.  She responded very well and delivered excellent softness with forward in all three gaits.

Red was stiff again and took quite a while to be able to use himself properly - I can tell he's stiff because his trot gets very flat and somewhat short-strided.  I think the cold is making his hock arthritis act up a bit.  But the regular exercise plus the aspirin are probably the best thing for him.  When he's stiff, his forward also isn't really there as it should be.  Sometimes, like today, we do some canter work early in our ride to help him stretch out what's tight.  By the end, he was working nicely, but we kept it fairly short.  We'll see how he is after his day off tomorrow.

Pie and I had a good ride, although he was a bit "clunky", and even tripped once in front at the canter, which is very rare for him.  I think both he and Red are a bit tired as they're getting back into full work after their break during my move.  But Pie did some very nice trot and canter work, and we had some fun with some cones another rider put out.

Funny story from today - as I parked my truck, I notice a plume of dust in the gelding pasture.  It turns out that after all the horses had been brought in, Red and Pie were nowhere to be found.  One of the guys had to hike way back in the pasture to find them - of course then they galloped to the gate - that's the dust I saw.  Bad boys!


  1. Sounds like you're getting back to your normal routine. That must feel good.

  2. I admire your work ethic with your horses. Glad to hear all three are doing their best for you. Wishing Red well with his issues, but his attitude makes him worth every extra bit of care.

    As for the "Lost Boys?" At least they weren't hanging out at a bar somewhere....or were they??? *G*


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