Thursday, October 17, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

Dawn had the morning off - she usually does on Thursdays.  It was a cold, rainy, windy, somewhat miserable day today - my horses were out in their rain sheets but it was raining hard enough that the shoulders got soaked, but they were OK.

There is one very old horse - he's in his early 30s - who wasn't doing so well with the weather.  He has a decent coat, and is in pretty good weight for a horse his age, but he wasn't blanketed and got pretty badly chilled.  He was shaking, and the barn owner grabbed him - he's a pasture horse, out 24/7 - and stuck him in a stall so he could recover.  He was upset, and calling and calling for his pasture friends.  Red was concerned about this, and nickering.  When I got him out, I let him sniff noses with the old horse through the bars - with Red and a new horse, this usually provokes screaming and striking, but Red just sniffed him and let it be at that.  While I was grooming Red (or partly grooming - he was pretty muddy and some of the mud was wet) outside the stall the old horse was in, I asked Red if he and I could send some relaxing/sleepy thoughts to the old horse.  Red's eyes got heavy and the old horse stopped calling, so I guess we had some effect.

I rode Red bareback since I couldn't get all of him clean.  We did some walk and trot work - he was very balky on the first couple of walk/trot transitions and then fine and perfectly sound - this balking behavior has been showing up again but I just laugh at him and keep on with things.  He's more distractible and is guarding Pie more - Red's other neighbor was brought out on cross ties later and Red objected to him being anywhere near Pie - he was charging his stall door.  I've swapped out Red's chaste tree berry for raspberry leaves, and it may be that the chaste tree is needed to dampen down his more aggressive/disractable/resistent tendencies.

After that Pie and I had a very nice walk/trot/canter ride in a very crowded ring.  Pie's canter work was really good, although he's/we're still struggling a bit with our walk/canter transition when tracking right - but then tracking right is always my harder direction.


  1. Good rides! Seems like Red knew how the older guy felt and was able to help him relax. Poor guy must have felt awful.

  2. So glad Red comforted the old horse...and happy to hear he was brought inside for a warm-up. :( Poor old feller

    Sounds like another good day of riding!

  3. Poor old boy. I'm glad Red could calm him down a bit. I'm sure Red takes his responsibilities to the rest of the herd very seriously.


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