Monday, November 18, 2013

Good Rides All Around

I had a three-horse day - actually I have a three-horse day almost every day, in that I see my three horses, if only to say hi and pick feet.  But today was a three-ride day.

Dawn and I had a very nice ride in the early morning.  It was cold and the horses had been shut up in their stalls all the day before, but she came in willingly to be ridden.  There was no sign of the the slight "offness" there'd been in our previous ride, which was good news.  We did a lot of forward medium trot work, and not too many small circles or tight turns.  She was as good as gold, although by the end of our ride she started to get a bit stiff in her response to the left rein.

When I got off, I checked her out, and sure enough, her neck was very tight, but not quite in the same location as the last time she had soreness in her neck.  The first time, the sore area was just behind the poll on either side of her neck, and this time the sore area was just below the top of her neck but one or two vertebrae further down.  She now has an appointment for some chiro work - she really didn't much want me messing with the sore areas, although she let me do a little, and there were some releases.

Red and I had an excellent bareback ride in the afternoon.  He was very forward for him - I barely had to do anything to keep us going in trot - and a bit reactive due to the high winds and humming, banging arena.  He spooked twice - once at something outside the arena door that I didn't see, and once when someone walking down the dark barn aisle carrying some hay stepped into a pool of sunlight.  He only took a few bolt steps both times, and stopped as soon as I asked, and kept right on working afterwards, so I was proud of him.  His trot work was really nice, with lots of engagement and softness, and he was perfectly equal on both reins.

Pie and I also had a very nice ride.  His canter work is really coming along.  He's much more balanced at the canter than he was this time last year, which means he can navigate our small indoor more easily, and even do pretty nice circles, and can sustain the canter without falling on the forehand.  Due to the cold and wind, he was also very nicely forward at the trot.

You can't ask for a better day with horses.


  1. I wish I had a place where I could ride every day even in nasty weather, it has been raining non stop for a couple of days here and my only option would be get wet or haul to the local indoor arena. Guess I'm a wuss!

  2. Always a good day with one good ride. Three good rides makes it a perfect day!

    I'm sure the chiropractic will help Dawn immensely. I've had wonderful results here.

  3. Kate, we'll put Betty's recipe on our blog in the next few days. She needs to be sure that the written directions match what she knows intuitively how to do. Dan

  4. Betty's oatmeal bread recipe on tomorrow's (Wednesday) blog.



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