Saturday, November 23, 2013

Might as Well Have Been Summer . . . and I'm Ready for a Day Off

It was very cold this morning - wind chills in the low teens, but the boys were blanketed and Dawn was in her extra warm full-neck Rambo blanket.  This isn't Dawn, and her blanket isn't red, but this is what it looks like, triple belly straps and all:

Pricey, but very well made and Dawn appreciates it, particularly on a day like today.

Dawn, who gets colder much more easily than the boys, has an extensive wardrobe.  The boys have one rain sheet and one blanket each, but Dawn rates four - a rain sheet, an insulated rain sheet, a medium weight blanket and her heavy Rambo.

For all three of my rides today, it was barely 30 in the indoor and the wind was howling and the doors were banging.  I was lucky enough to have the arena to myself for all three rides, and all three horses rode beautifully - they were calm and relaxed and it might as well have been summer.  Red's shortening and lengthening work at the trot was exceptionally fine, and fun to ride bareback.

Tonight the temperature's supposed to get down to the single digits, with the wind continuing, and it's supposed to stay very cold during the day.  Dawn has a chiropractor appointment in the morning, to have some work done on the knots in her neck - lucky the barn itself is heated - but otherwise we're all taking the day off.  I know I'll appreciate it, and I expect the horses, with the possible exception of Red, will too.


  1. A day off is always nice for both the horses and us. It's cold here too, into the teens tonight and possibly snow. Seems it turned cold very fast it was in the 50's a few days ago.

  2. A girl has to have an adequate wardrobe! LOL I need a human chiropractor and a few nice coats too, wanna adopt me?

  3. Replies
    1. Dawn would agree - although she wouldn't call it spoiling, she'd call it proper treatment!

  4. Sudden downturn of temperature here too. The worst of it is the wind. Then again, maybe it will blow most of the leaves off my lawn. Could have an upside, after all.


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