Saturday, November 16, 2013

Not Quite Right

This morning when I rode Dawn, she wasn't quite right.  She led in normally from the pasture and we groomed and tacked up.  Our walk warm up was uneventful.  When we started to trot, she took a bad step with her right front and then was off on it every third or fourth step at the trot.  I jumped right off and looked at her feet, wondering if she'd picked up a stone.  I picked her feet again and carefully brushed off the bottom of her right front - everything looked completely normal and she had no scrapes or dings on the outside of her foot, and she had no digital pulses.  It might have been higher than the foot, but it's hard to tell.  She was only very slightly off and was perfectly happy to trot, but there's no point in pushing it, so I untacked her, gave her one gram of bute and turned her back out.  She marched off, looking just fine.

Starting tonight and running into tomorrow, we're supposed to be having storms, high winds and even possibly some severe weather.  I may just leave the horses in their stalls tomorrow morning to see how the weather's developing - they won't be happy about it but better safe than sorry.  One of the things I love about the specific barn they're in is that it's an old, converted dairy bank barn, built out of concrete.  The horses are in the "basement", and there's an equipment barn above, with a solid concrete floor in between.  It's about as safe as a barn can be in severe weather.


  1. You're probably getting the system that came through here last night in New Mexico. I think it builds up steam as it crosses the plains.


  2. Hope Dawn is ok. Maybe it's nothing and she'll be fine soon. The weather system sounds bad. But your barn sound very strong. Good luck with the storms.

  3. Hope you guys are all OK with all that terrible weather storming its way through. Sending good thoughts.


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