Monday, November 11, 2013

On the Bit, Behind the Vertical - Excellent Explanations

This is an excellent article on head/neck posture in the horse, with a very clear explanation of the benefits of a correct way of going from the perspective of the whole horse, and also the incorrect "frames" many horses are forced into, and the effect on the various muscles and bones of the horse and its movement.  This is one of the best explanations I have seen of why rollkur is not only harmful but also just plain incorrect for proper development of the horse's muscles and carriage - there are some disturbing photos in here that those of you from the dressage world may be familiar with - but these issues exist across the horse world in many disciplines.  Take a read - you may learn something - I know I did.


  1. So many horses are ridden incorrectly and yet are rewarded in competition. Getting a horse correctly "on the bit" is not easy, but requires lots of gymnastics, suppling, and good riding. It's far easier to put them in draw reins, lunge them in tight side reins, or practice rollkur to teach the horse to surrender to the bit whenever pressure is put on.

    Wish it were different, but until judges stop rewarding the wrong, the right will never prevail.


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