Sunday, November 24, 2013

Skeptical Horses

They're right to be skeptical - I don't have the slightest idea what I'm doing when it comes to photography, but I'm determined to learn.  There's a very nice series of how-tos that Mare at Simply Horse Crazy has been posting - check her sidebar - and I've been trying to be brave and just jump right in.  I have a decent camera - a Nikon D70 - and it's time I learned to properly use it.

So, since today was a day off for all of us, and the chiropractor rescheduled to Friday due to the cold - makes the horse's muscles too tight for effective chiro work - I tried to take some photos.  There are no photos of Pie, although I took a bunch, because I needed the flash for our dark barn aisle, and Pie's not a fan of the flash.

So, without further ado, here's Dawn looking skeptical:

And here's Red, doing the same - are his ears really that big?

And here's one nice profile of Red, looking very alert as he looks out the door:

Small steps . . .


  1. Even though their color is completely different, your Red's facial expression, head and ears remind me so much of my Red! :) It'll be fun to see some new photos of your pretty babies more often!

  2. For indoor shots, if you don't want to use flash, a tripod really helps. I always seem to move the camera just a little bit when I push the shutter button and it really shows on a slow shutter speed.
    your horses are sure shiny! Mine are all hairy and it will take ma the whole winter to brush out the dust and dirt that seems to keep on coming no matter how much elbow grease I use.

  3. I love your shots of the horses. They're beautiful! I don't have a clue about photography either, I just have a little point and shoot and all my pics are always straight out of camera because I haven't a clue as to alter them...but, I enjoy taking pictures and will continue to do so. Who says you have to be an expert to take pictures? Our weather has been beautifully brisk for almost 2 weeks and we're still looking at another week. I love it! Worked around the place yesterday in a sweatshirt and it was lovely basking in the sunshine. Looking forward to seeing more pictures from you...

  4. I always admire people who can get good horse pics. Out of dozens of photos I've taken, I may have about 5 really good ones. And why do some horses seem to always put their ears back just as the camera clicks?

    Red seems to be a bit more photogenic this time than Dawn. She really does look skeptical. *G*

  5. Thanks for the mention, Kate! Love your pictures...hope to be seeing more! I'm glad the post are useful to you :)


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