Sunday, November 17, 2013

Stormy Day

Here in Northern Illinois it was a very stormy day, but we were spared the worst of the weather - we only had strong thunderstorms and a lot of high winds.  Our barn owner made the wise decision to keep the horses in for the day - the horses didn't think much of that but it was for the best.  Red was so upset he was doing a lot of calling and also had loose manure. The worst of the weather didn't hit until late morning, so I went to the barn in the morning before it started raining and put the boys in paddocks with a bit of hay while I picked their stalls - in fact the paddocks are in a row with gates between and since they were the only ones out there I opened a bunch of gates so they could roam up and down the row of paddocks.  Dawn seemed content, so I just put her on cross ties to pick her stall.

Then I put the boys back in their stalls and went home to sit out the weather.  I used the time to make a pot of soup.  And fortunately, we didn't lose power.  Later in the afternoon, during a break in the weather action, I went back and did the same thing, and this time I put Dawn in a paddock for a while, which she seemed to appreciate.

The boys were very cute in the paddock, eating from the same pile of hay.  When I went to get them, they had their heads over the gate right together - it would have made a cute photo but of course I didn't have my camera.

Temperatures are already dropping, and it's going to be colder but still very windy tomorrow.


  1. I was wondering if any of the folks I know of got hit with that nasty storm system. Glad all is well for you.

  2. Glad to hear you're all alright. I thought of you last evening when the weather report came on. Terrible weather and so much destruction! Mother Nature is out of control anymore.

  3. Glad you were all OK. That weather front was horrible. We had wind warnings for early this morning,(New Jersey) but fortunately, nothing hit around here. Still scary, though.


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