Sunday, December 8, 2013

Bombs Away!

Today was a day off from riding for all of us.  I went to the barn in the morning to do a few chores, and - you guessed it - found another "present" from Dawn in one of her water buckets.  So her buckets got cleaned again . . .

Her aim seems too good - she makes a direct hit on the bucket every time - for it to be accidental.  She seems to like to stand with her tail in the bucket - I know this because it sometimes is matted with frozen water  (and even some manure - yuck!) when she comes back in.  So with her tail in the bucket, she knows that her aim will be good . . .

I'm not sure what she's trying to say - maybe she likes her buckets cleaned every day . . .


  1. I know some people have told me that some horses, especially mares, do it as a way of "marking" the water as theirs... I don't know if that's true or not though.

  2. Well she certainly is trying to get a message across. Good luck figuring out what it is. ;)

  3. I scrub all water buckets every 24 hours and I believe some horses are fussy if they aren't scrubbed. It makes a ton of work (five outside tubs and 3-6 indoor buckets) but I wouldn't want to drink out of anything with a slimy film so I don't let the horses. I know out in the wild horses drink out of slimy ponds and rivers, but a man-made bucket and a man-made barn must have ickier slime for some reason!
    The horse I rode last Christmas in Florida, Chaunson, would put manure in his bucket. It was not an accident. He was so obviously furious because no one would scrub his buckets. They would only scrub them occasionally and just refill them daily. He hated that apparently because as soon as I was on the scene scrubbing the bucket daily for 59 days, he stopped putting manure in it! Everyone at the barn was amazed that he cared that much about a scrubbed bucket.
    Whatever the case, Dawn is trying to tell you something! Even if she was dipping her tail, she would move to drop manure. They are so smart and intentional - if only they could talk! Good luck with this mystery but I would definitely keep that bucket scrubbed and slime free and warm(?) if possible, especially if the behavior started with the cold weather.

  4. Could it be a perfect scratching spot and the rest is accidental?

  5. *grin* They do have their little ways of making their wishes known...

  6. Have you ever tried moving the bucket to a different corner/location? My horses have their very distinct preferences as to where to let loose, and it could be that the bucket just happens to live there. It would be an interesting experiment... My horses now don't poop in their waterer, good thing, because they are automatic waterers, can't move them.

  7. Chris - good idea, except it's not her normal place to put manure - she does that in the back of the stall. I think she may be deliberately targeting the bucket - and it's not the size of the stall either - it's 12'x14' and Dawn's not a very big horse. And I couldn't move the buckets if I wanted to - there's individual water pipes to each stall and the buckets are where the pipe is.

    1. Oh well! This is one of those situations where you'd SO like to have a horse/psychic/whatever interpret the meaning behind the act! But then, there are so many situations like that...


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