Sunday, December 1, 2013

Day of Rest, with Pie and Red Spam

Today, we all have a day off from riding.  I hiked out to the pasture after doing a few chores, and got a few pictures of the boys.  Pie was rubbing his face, but then had to show how curious and friendly he is - I love seeing that sweet Pie face:

Red was eating, but also left what he was doing to come visit me - love how he keeps an ear on things:

Horse spam - can't live without it!


  1. Nice photos of the boys! I love how curious they are - mine like to come over to snoop around what I'm doing and maybe follow me around a bit.

    Thanks for your comments about the colic - will def. look into your suggestions!

  2. Restful relaxing day with your beautiful horses - just the best! I wish I lived in the pastures with them so I could watch them all the time. Pie and Red are truly gorgeous!

  3. Love Pie's ears! Cameras must always be investigated it seems.


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