Saturday, December 7, 2013

Too Cold

The boys were getting a day off today, as I had a friend's 90th birthday party to attend this afternoon - and a more active, alert, intelligent woman - 90 or any other age - she is.

But I usually ride Dawn on Saturday mornings - my days, 5 days a week, start with a ride on Dawn - a great way to start the day.

But not today - it was 6F (that would be -14C) when I got to the barn, and the windchill was -10F (or -23C).  The horses were out, and the boys were fine in their blankets, chowing down on the hay.  Dawn, however, was cold, and huddled at the gate, despite her heavy weight Rambo blanket with a full neck.  The pastures have no shelter or windbreaks, but Dawn is always the first to get cold.

So I brought her into her stall to warm up - the barn is heated to about 45F.  It was only 20F inside the indoor, and considering that she was cold already, that was too cold for us to ride.  So I did some chores, including cleaning water buckets, and went home for a while, leaving Dawn to eat her hay - she didn't object to being in although she was the only horse in there.

I came back at 11:00, and by then the windchill was above zero, so I put her back out for the remaining turnout time, cleaned up her stall and washed (again) the water bucket she'd left me a present in.

Tomorrow is another non-riding day, and we're supposed to get a bit of snow, but at least the temperatures are supposed to be a bit warmer.


  1. We're not as cold as you are, but it was 21 degree F when we normally ride. It was also overcast so we didn't have any sun to warm us up. And, it was breezy. We're too old for those kind of days.


  2. That's really too cold to ride. I'm sure she appreciated being able to warm up in the barn for a while even if she did leave you a present.

  3. Winter seems to have arrived with determination. Hope you warm up a bit from those temperatures. Reading your post made me shiver.


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