Thursday, December 12, 2013

Wild Horses

All the horses stayed in until about 10 this morning due to the extreme cold - wind chills of at least -20F.  By 10, wind chills were still below zero, although the sun was bright and glinting off the snow on the ground.  I was at the barn, so I turned my three horses out.  They were clearly excited to get out - they're used to being out from early in the morning on - and Dawn had been in since mid-morning the day before.

But all three were very well behaved despite their pent-up energy.  I took Pie and Red out together, which meant that Pie had to wait while I sent Red ahead through the narrow door into the arena - he rotated nicely once inside to face us.  We led through - Red was excited and wanted to forge ahead but listened well to me - and got to the pasture gate.  I led them through, rotated them around and closed the gate, and then let Pie, then Red, go.  They stopped briefly to take a big drink from the water tank - I suspect this is a regular part of their morning ritual - and then galloped off together - down the hill, then up the other side to where the hay bales are set out.

I turned Dawn out next - she was very much on her toes - other mares were out and running and cavorting in the pasture that she could see through the arena door.  I elected to undo her halter by unbuckling the crown piece, and she half-reared and sprang into a gallop as she went to the pasture.  She then cavorted and ran a bit with the other mares before they settled to the hay.

Both Dawn and Pie seemed satisfied with their turnout today.  Red was still very antsy - he nickered loudly to me when I got there in the afternoon, and was somewhat alert and nervous, although very well-behaved, on the cross ties.  I think he was worried about having to stay in tomorrow - they only got a little more than 3 hours of turnout today - the good news is that things are warming up (slightly) tomorrow, so all the horses should be turned out all day and perhaps we'll be able to get back to riding . . .

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  1. Our horses are the same way. They are accustomed to being free all day, every day, but when weather does not permit this, they really need to blow steam when they get out. We have warmed up to mid 40's and a light rain today. Normalcy has returned and we have mud...


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