Friday, January 17, 2014

Blanket Review

Here is a very useful opinion on various brands of turnout blankets from Melissa at Paradigm Farms - where my retirees live.  Melissa has more experience with blankets than anyone else I know.  I agree with all her opinions of the various brands.  I don't mind rear leg straps as much as she does, but I only have three horses to tend to, but the straps do have to be replaced with some frequency.  I would also add that some of my horses wear Dover's Rider sheets and turnouts some of the time - I've found that these relatively inexpensive blankets fit well and rewaterproof reasonably well, but they're not as well made as some of the others - snaps and seams particularly - and rewaterproofing them after more than a year or two is a gamble, but since they're relatively cheap replacing them isn't so painful.


  1. Interesting. My blanket repair person just told me not to waste my money on Rambos b/c the quality has gone so downhill. She said she is doing the least repair on Weatherbeetas and Schneiders. I only have one Schneiders but it is the most waterproofed and stays that way than any blanket I have ever had! I got the Schneiders b/c so many of my friends with big warmbloods recommended them as their favorite blanket ever. I've had Bucus, which I did not like in terms of fit or waterproofing, Rambo, Rhino, one Weatherbeeta, one Rider, and one Schneiders. I liked the Rhinos but they don't tend to last past a few seasons even with my herd - fairly easy on blankets. The Weatherbeeta seems very durable but I don't like the fit much. The Rambos were good but they were old ones and when I replaced them I didn't like the new models as much. Then heard the quality issues so went in different directions. Cody just ripped the heck out of the Rider (which was Salina's and i loved it for her because it was warm without weight) - but I can't complain as it has lasted 5 years or so with no repair or waterproofing needed. Same with the Schneider's. It is still in great condition - but Keil is definitely not rough on his blankets. I'll buy Schneiders again - if the waterproofing fails I'll send them back! Good to know to keep an eye out for that.

  2. billie - as they say in the ads, "your mileage may differ" . . .

    I have a fairly new Rambo that's holding up well. I think the Weatherbeetas have greatly declined in quality - the new material just isn't very durable and doesn't rewaterproof well in my experience. Rhinos also aren't as durable, although I've got several that have held up for years. I've had the same experience that Melissa has with Schneiders - they fit very well but don't seem to rewaterproof well a lot of the time.

  3. Here's a link to a great research article about blanketing:

  4. Interesting!

    I posted on her page and then realized I have a Weatherbeeta as well as Baker, Centaur, and Schneiders. I just haven't found a lot of luck in some of the other popular brands on fitting the little round Arab types with the wide barrel and wide shoulder. Shoulder rubs are absolutely no fun.

  5. I`ve read so many articles about blankets I could scream. the average tells me no blankets for heavy coated horse blankets because it flattens the part that insulates. I do put them in when windy or wet. But NO blankets.Lots of hay and water . I`m not sure if it`s right.

    1. There's no right or wrong. If your horse isn't getting overheated or isn't suffering in the cold, you're fine, with or without blankets. If you're protecting from wind and wet, that's all you need to do. Horses that are out 24/7 with adequate shelter usually do just fine without blankets.

  6. I just purchased the ultimate blanket for my paint gelding “Skittles” I’ve owned him for 1 year and have had 3 blankets for him. I’m not impressed with the looks of the blanket, but if it holds up to his shredding behavior it will be a wonderful surprise. I think Smartpak is going to lose some money on him. Time will tell, today is day one. The last horse blankets was broken in 2 weeks, he doesn’t mess around he breaks the hardware.

  7. It's amazing how you seem to find exactly what horse blankets I've been looking for! You sure you don't have a


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