Saturday, January 18, 2014

Dawn Knows the Drill and I Freeze My Face

Now that we have our quarter sheet, Dawn and I are good to go even when it's pretty cold.  We had lovely rides both yesterday and this morning.  Yesterday morning it was 11F as I headed to the barn.  When we were done with our ride, I discovered that my face was numb - I guess we generated enough "wind chill" while doing our session of mostly working trot to freeze my face.  So this morning, when it was 9F, I wore a balaclava - much better.

Yesterday morning, Dawn told me that she knows our routine.  As I approached her as she was eating from the round bale, she left the hay and very deliberately headed to the water trough, picking a safe pace through the snow and ice.  I followed along, and put her halter on when she was done drinking.  We always make a stop at the water trough on our way in for a work session - she knows the drill.

Dawn's been extremely affectionate lately - I have trouble getting our grooming done because she insists on being affectionate every time I get anywhere near her head.  She asks for lots of nose resting, with my holding her chin with one hand and stroking her face with the other, and lately a lot of muzzle snuggling - I put my had around her muzzle, supporting the far side, bring her muzzle against my chest and bend over and put my face on the other side of her muzzle - sort of a muzzle wrap.  We just stand there and breathe each other's breath - it's incredibly calming and almost meditative.  She'd do it indefinitely, I think, if I let her - I've never tested how long she'd stay in a muzzle wrap but will have to do that some time.  A muzzle wrap, or two, or three, is a great way to start the day!


  1. (I think) Dawn is showing her appreciation for how well you've listened to her. What a priceless reward. ;D

  2. Too bad you can't ride in a muzzle wrap--extremely awkward and impossible *G*--that way your face would stay warm for sure. *lol*

  3. Nice. It's great when we can share special moments with our horses.


  4. That's great, she sees you as part of her herd. It's such a great feeling to have a horse that's really bonded to you.

    When I read the title I was going to suggest a balaclava... I couldn't get through winter without mine!

  5. Dawn is loving life it seems and being affectionate is her way of showing it I would think.

  6. What a sweet girl! I froze while riding today. Time to put the layers back on, we've got more crazy cold weather headed our way...

  7. I remember you saying, a long time ago, that Dawn was your daughter's horse and only affectionate with her. It sounds to me like you and Dawn have developed your own relationship as well. Very sweet.


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