Tuesday, January 7, 2014

More of the Same - But Heading in the Right Direction

Still very cold, horses still confined to quarters.  Better than yesterday, though - temperature was -5F with a wind chill in the -20s when I went to barn in the late morning - felt like a heat wave!  And it got to zero by my afternoon visit.  There is some hope that tomorrow will be a bit better - highs above zero and wind chills in the negative teens - and that the horses will get back out for at least part of the day.

Dawn continues to be resigned, Pie is fretful, and Red is agitated.  But this morning, after we did our "new" routine of stall picking and hand walking in the barn aisle, everyone settled down pretty well.  Red greeted all his herd mates and stopped to watch water buckets being washed in the wash stall.  In the afternoon, he wasn't too agitated (for him) and seemed relatively content with our routine.  I'm mighty tired of hand walking up and down and up and down our short barn aisle, and I expect the horses are too.

By the end of the week, we're supposed to be in the 30s, which will seem like summertime . . .


  1. In the single digits here with a wind chill as well. Fortunately, for us, the cold will moderate tomorrow--into the 20's...a heat wave! By the weekend the prediction is as high as 50! Crazy weather patterns, that's for sure.

    Must be so frustrating for active horses to have to stay in. Fortunately, with my set up, I just leave the stall doors open and the Boys have the option of in or out. They also have two run in roofs and a run in shed so there's plenty of shelter. Still cold, but they can get in out of the wind.

  2. Cold here too. Low of 5 when I went out this morning and the wind was blowing. Don't know the wind chill, I think if I did I'd be colder. Our horses are out all day with plenty of hay and water. Dusty and Mellon didn't even want to come in tonight if you can believe that. They finally consented after everyone had eaten to grace us with their presence in the barn.

  3. I hope this thing passes us all by very soon. We don't have the issue with being stall-bound, thankfully, but the ground is so hard there is no hope of riding right now. Our thermometer said 0 again this morning but we're supposed to get up near 40 today - so we'll be thawing out. You're good to walk your horses up and down and up and down - I know they must appreciate it.


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