Thursday, January 2, 2014

One Ride in January - and New Saddle Arrives!

I finally managed a ride today.  Not entirely because I wanted to - the temperature was in the teens and it was very cold in the (unheated) indoor, and none of the horses had been ridden in days due to the cold, but the new saddle arrived . . .

And who can resist a new saddle?  So Red and I tried it out.  It arrived in very good condition, and was just as represented in the photos.  And I can lift and carry it - it's a light trail model, although all leather and no cordura  (my existing saddle is part cordura so it's a bit lighter).  Red didn't object to saddling - no shifting around - which was a good sign.  There was plenty of room in the shoulders, which has been a problem with the existing saddle.

Red was plenty feisty - it was 15 degrees and he hadn't been ridden in 4 days.  But he was very, very good - there was a bit of bracing, and one episode of head bobbing and shaking at the canter - but otherwise he was very willing and cooperative.  He didn't seem to mind the saddle - the seat is much harder than my existing saddle, which will take some getting used to, and I need to replace the stirrups with some of the barrel racing stirrups I have on my other saddle.  The back cinch is also too short and doesn't have an attachment strap to the front cinch (pretty important).  But these are all minor issues.

The only question I have is about the rear skirt of the saddle.  Red is quite short in the back, and I need to be sure that the skirt of the saddle doesn't catch him in the lower back.  I was riding him in a 1/2" wool pad that is short, and may need to go to a longer pad and perhaps one that is a bit thicker.

The weather tomorrow is supposed to be nasty - we got 17" of snow yesterday into today, which is one thing, but tomorrow morning wind chills are supposed to be in the -20sF.  Saturday is a bit warmer - upper 20sF and Red and I should get another good shot at a saddle try out, but then Sunday afternoon we're back in the deep freeze and Monday and Tuesday look positively nasty - one day the high is -7F with wind chills of -40F.  Winter . . .


  1. It's hard to resist a new saddle but that's some really cold temps. Glad he was good for you.

    We are in for a blizzard tonight into tomorrow with -11 before wind chills. Winter...

  2. It's been a long time since I've lived wear it gets that cold. Not sure I could kick myself out the door to ride in that weather or not!

  3. yay for the new saddle and good boy Red! Stay warm!

  4. The pictures of the saddle looked great....sounds like it is going to work on Red. No way would I be riding in those temperatures....but then again, I do not have your constitution!!! We get your weather 24 hours later. Right now it is -9 with the windchill. The sun has been trying to make an appearance and the horses are out with a boatload of hay.

  5. I know myself, and I'd be sitting somewhere near the wood stove, probably with a good book...but, you have a serious commitment to your horses and your learning. I only wish...
    Over this past year, I think you've made some HUGE accomplishments in your understanding and your use of, feel. That's the most important lesson you can ever learn. And you and your horses will just continue to amaze. I hope to be following along, and doing some learning and progressing of my own with Eagle. I need to dig deep and collect my courage and my faith in my own abilities, and most importantly, learn to trust my horse. I know he'd never hurt me willingly. But he is scary quick on his feet when he spooks. Happy New Year Kate...Year of the Horse!

  6. Lately my horse has been super frisky while I have been riding her! I blame the brisk and nippy weather. Plus, with the snow and divets in the pasture, they don't get a chance to run and kick up their heels. In the winter I crave summer riding and in the summer I appreciate the winter more. So silly.

  7. The saddle sounds good so far. Hope it works out.

    Warmer here for a day or so, then bitter cold again. Then warm. It has to be hard on the horses with all the radical changes.


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