Tuesday, February 4, 2014

(Mostly) Not as Good, But Just Fine

Today was another three-horse-ride day - which was a lovely thing for me.  But my rides on Dawn and Red weren't as good as those yesterday, but that's perfectly fine and to be expected.  Sometimes things don't come together quite as I'd like, because of one factor or another, but usually because of me.

In Dawn's case, she was more forward than needed, even a bit "rushy", although she behaved very well and we ended up having a nice ride.  She also seems to have a bit of cramping on the right side of her neck, which made it hard for her to carry herself softly - there were some big head shakes during our ride.  I worked on the cramps a bit after I rode her - she would bend her head around and bite in my direction - she wasn't trying to bite me, just show me that it hurt - and did some more later in the day, which seemed to help a bit.  We'll see how she is tomorrow.

My ride on Red involved some bracing - I didn't use "trot to the spot" well today and spent too much time looking at his head, with predictable results.  The other result of this was that he lost some of his back to front connection, which meant that he got "wiggly" - the head was disconnected from the rest of his body (he was a victim of excessive lateral flexion work, I believe, and sometimes it shows up), which meant we lost some of our straightness and impulsion, which made the transitions more difficult.  But again, we worked through it very well, and things improved as we went.  But at this point with Red, how I ride makes a very big difference and I just wasn't as focussed or effective in directing him as yesterday.

Pie is less affected by my connection or lack thereof, and more affected by my body position.  By the time I rode him, I was trying hard to think about my position and staying open and upright with focus up and out, and it worked.  We had a very nice ride - his trot work was excellent, soft and relaxed and the anticipation from sitting trot was gone.  Some of his canter work was also very good, including some circles (not eggs!) on a fairly loose rein.

We'll see what tomorrow brings (in addition to more snow) . . .

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  1. Every day cannot be perfect when your partner and you are both living, feeling beings. Neither are machines and neither can promise to be exactly the same from day to day.

    Some more massage for Dawn should help, I hope. Otherwise it's time for the chiropractor.

    Once again, thanks for riding. As I watch the rain/ice storm here, getting into the saddle seems far away.


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