Saturday, March 29, 2014

Red Begins to Heal and Pie Excels

I had a lovely horse-filled day.  Dawn and I had our usual early-morning ride.  The barn guys get done early on the weekends, so Saturday is the one day Dawn and I get to ride in a freshly dragged arena - the rest of our rides during the week happen before the arena is dragged.  It's lovely to have your hoof prints be the only ones.  Dawn was lovely and we had an enjoyable time together.

Red's leg finally seems to be starting to heal - today was day 11 since his injury.  The wound is still a little bit oozy, but less than it's been, and it didn't bleed when I washed it either in the morning or the afternoon.  The swelling from the cellulitis is also mostly gone, although the area around the wound site is still slightly swollen.  Today and tomorrow we'll follow the usual medication/wrapping routine, but I'm hoping to stop the antibiotic/DMSO treatment after Sunday, and hope that no wrapping will be required from that point on.  The question is whether the new tissue that's just starting to fill in the wound will be strong enough to deal with him lying on it at night.  I'll keep him on the Uniprim through Tuesday at least - that will be 14 days - and will continue the washing and topical Neosporin as long as the wound isn't scabbed over.  I've added probiotics as well, since his manure was getting soft from all the antibiotics he's on, and things have improved.

The good news is that Red trotted and cantered off from the gate sound this morning, and certainly was feeling good, as he then did some galloping and bucking.  We'll continue our bareback walk rides until Monday, when I'm planning to put him on the lunge to evaluate his soundness.  If he's sound, we'll slowly start back to work.

I've stopped worrying about whether he'll be good to go for the Mark Rashid clinic starting April 12.  Whether he is or not, I'll take him to Wisconsin.  At this point I have hopes he'll be ready, but if he isn't, he possibly can take one of Pie's three days so we can do some trailer loading work, or perhaps I'll ride a "mystery" horse - we don't have to plan that yet.

Pie and I had a really excellent ride today.  His consistent softness is really there at walk and trot, and he's now able to carry himself for a while at canter - I'm only asking him for several laps of the arena right now, but he's really improving.  His bend and straightness at trot is also much more consistent - this mostly has to do with an improvement in the consistency of my riding.


  1. Good stuff. Glad Red's improving. Dan

  2. I envy you taking Mark Rashid clinics! Hope Red is ready for it.


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