Thursday, April 10, 2014

Almost Ready for Our Trip

Today, Dawn had a day off, Red and I had a nice hand-grazing session after a good grooming, and Pie and I had a lovely, not too hard, ride by ourselves in the outdoor arena and pasture.  I spent some time getting the trailer ready - loading a hay bag and putting all Pie's tack and equipment in the tack room. I'll be riding Dawn in the morning and washing water buckets before we leave, so there are still a few items to load - my muck boots, Pie's water buckets and feed pan, and my helmet and grooming kit.  Otherwise we're pretty much ready to go.

The weather's supposed to be all over the place while we're in Wisconsin - warm, then thunderstorms, then cold.  I've taken everything from my winter jacket and gloves to my summer riding tights - I suspect we'll use it all.  I hope we'll get some outdoor riding time, but if we're just in the small indoor, that's fine too - whatever it is, it'll be productive.  These clinics continue to transform my riding and interaction with my horses, and I expect this clinic to be no exception.  And I hope to see (and meet!) some of you there . . .


  1. I wish I could be there with you and I'm looking forward to your reflections on what you learn/experience. Have fun and be safe.

  2. Oh, I'll bet the clinic will be wonderful and productive as well. So glad you're getting to go! Such a great opportunity to learn and progress. Hope you and Pie enjoy the trip and remain safe...can't wait to hear the details. :)

  3. I have always enjoyed reading about Red, admiring him, and envying you. In the best possible way, of course. :) Have fun with Pie at the clinic.

  4. You packed right for this weekend! We brought similar for Fair, minus riding gear. Hope the thunderstorms miss WI today, doesn't mix well with horses. Have a wonderful clinic, I know you will! Will look forward to reading about your experiences.

  5. This is really helpful, useful information. Thank you Kate! I have never heard that idea about tipping the horse's head to encourage him to raise it. This is something I will play with a little with my ex-western pleasure horse - I just haven't come up with the right way to encourage him to bring his nose out of the dirt that doesn't seem to worry him. Hope the weather improves for you, can't wait to see more!


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