Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Bandage Off! Hand Walking! Pen Turnout!

Red had his two weeks after surgery vet visit, and things went very well.  His large compression bandage was removed, and the incision looks very good.  There's still some swelling, but less than there was two days ago.  The vet removed the end sutures but left the rest in, as they will dissolve.

Our new regime, for the next two weeks, will involve some pen turnout - Red and Pie will have small adjacent pens - starting with two hours a day and working up to four hours a day.  On days where Red gets pen turnout, I'll also hand walk him for 20 minutes one other time.  On days he can't go in the pen due to bad weather, I'll hand walk him for 20 minutes twice.  I can also ride him at the walk under saddle once the routine is established.

And we'll be using some chemical assistance, at least for a while.  He had another dose of Reserpine this morning, and I can give him more every several days as long as his manure stays normal.  For our first turnouts and hand walks, I'll give him 3 ccs of ace about 45 minutes before, and as time goes on I can reduce that.

Today, we walked for the first time.  The vet gave him 1 cc of ace IV and 2 ccs IM, so, although he was alert, he was fairly relaxed.  We walked for 20 minutes in the indoor, and did some figures with cones and also used a ground pole to walk over.  He seemed delighted to get out, and his leading manners were perfect.  Tomorrow, it's supposed to rain for most of the day, so we may just do two hand walks and start pen turnout on Friday.

At nights, I'll make sure the incision is clean, and put a little Neosporin on the place where the cannula was inserted last week - it's healed but not as completely as the rest of the incision.  And if there's still swelling, I have some DMSO creme to put on.

The vet will return in two weeks to evaluate his progress and evaluate his soundness.

Progress . . .


  1. Kate. Such good news! Red is fortunate to have the ultimate caretaker. So glad the two week of stall rest is over.

  2. You are so very organized, a trait that must be coming in handy these days. I recently saw (but have not read through completely) an article in Equus magazine about the healing power of honey. They say even applying it to wounds and incisions helps speed the rate of healing. Amazing. But do you think a horse would lick it right up? Yum!

  3. Great progress. I'm sure Red is thrilled to be getting out of that stall.


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