Thursday, April 24, 2014

Red Sees the Surgeon Tomorrow

Tomorrow morning the surgeon is coming to drain the fluid from Red's leg - he has swelling along the incision site that seems not to be an infection but rather just fluid that has moved into the space that was occupied by the removed splint bone.  The swelling is due in part to his bandage having to be replaced too often due to his kicking, chewing on the bandage and moving around rather than standing still.

Red is still struggling with stall rest.  He had doses of Reserpine on Saturday (when he was kicking at the stall walls), Monday (when he was continuously stamping and attempting to chew the bandage), and Tuesday.  Monday and Tuesday he was fairly quiet.  On Wednesday, he was starting to wake up a bit more and had to be lightly sedated for his bandage change.  Today he seemed completely unsedated - he was moving around a lot in the stall and had his full "voice" back - he screamed anytime Pie was out of sight.  And there was a bit of stamping his foot on and off - but no big kicks.

I didn't ride Pie yesterday or today since taking him away from Red made Red very upset.

I'll be discussing our treatment regime with the surgeon tomorrow.  He's a surgeon, and cares about the leg and how the leg responds to treatment.  I care about the whole horse, and it's clear that Red is not happy and is not staying very calm despite the (supposedly) long-term sedation he's already had on three occasions.  I'll be asking about alternatives to stall rest - I understand the need for keeping the incision dry and clean until the sutures come out, but after that I'm not yet convinced of the need for continued stall rest.  There's little evidence of soft tissue injury, and I believe even now Red would be much quieter in a pen next to Pie than he is in the stall.

We'll see how tomorrow goes . . .

And I wanted to add how much I appreciate all of your comments as Red and I cope with our situation (Dawn and Pie say they have to cope too!).


  1. I hope your vet agrees that Red can get out of the stall!

  2. A small pen might be the best solution. He seems unhappy in his stall.


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