Friday, April 4, 2014

There's Something about a Mini . . .

Some of you may remember when Red bolted last summer when confronted with an "out of place" mini.  This was the small black and white mini - named Piranha - he's not at all vicious but is a bit feisty and the name somehow suits him.

Yesterday, there was a girl riding Piranha in the indoor when Pie and I went in for our ride.  Now, Piranha is in the same turnout herd as Red and Pie, so he's a familiar face - but apparently that only goes so far in the case of minis.  He's a pretty small mini, so even a fairly small girl looked big on him - she was riding him bareback.

Pie was quite taken aback by this - even alarmed.  He was on edge, and in the early part of our ride had to keep an eye on the mini at all times.  And although he settled down somewhat, he was still very forward for most of our ride.  His concern wasn't helped by the girl falling off the mini at least three times, maybe more.  Pie didn't think much of that either.  This was pretty unusual behavior for Pie, but there was clearly something just not right about the whole thing as far as he was concerned.  As usual, though, he was good as gold and we had a very nice ride.

There's something about a mini, I guess . . .


  1. For my horse it is donkeys and mules. He thinks they are some sort of mutants.

  2. Haha! Silly horses. Mine lives with minis, grabs their necks, and tries to throw them. Or she tries to flip them.

  3. I guess they just don't look normal to a full size horse. Something was different or just not quite right from his point of view.

    We had a horse once that was not at all spooky except the one time someone decide to drive a horse and cart around the farm. I happened to be riding him when he lost his mind. He'd never seen anything like that before and it unnerved him.

  4. Every horse I've had on our place has reacted STRONGLY to the sight of our little mini when they first caught sight of him. Snort, snort, eyes wild, head up, YOWZA!!! It's so interesting that there is something so disturbing in the visual of a little horse, otherwise proportionate - they don't react like that with a foal, or a pony. Funny that it's a whole new ball game if there's someone astride. How I wish I could - just for a few minutes - see the world the way they do!

  5. Sometimes I wonder if they interpret it as a horse that's far away therefore smaller, and get concerned when they realize that it's actually CLOSE (cue spook!)

  6. Pie is in good company, a LOT of horses seem to think there is something about a mini. Timbit always garners a lot of attention when other horses that don't live in his pasture see him walking by. Some are simply curious, some are suspicious, others are convinced he is an alien life form here to take them away.


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