Monday, April 14, 2014

Back Home and Very Tired

Pie and I have safely arrived back home after our clinic excursion.  I have several posts in the works, including on Roxie and how I learned to give direction, Pie and such things as transitions and why I was having trouble with him falling in when tracking right and why our lateral work wasn't working as well as it might.  I may also be able to squeeze in something about the mare who knew nothing, the horse that couldn't be caught (until Mark showed his owner how to do it), and maybe some other things.  Even though the weather continued to be just terrible - it rained 5" last night and today it snowed - the clinic was an amazing learning experience for me.  And I have a pretty clear idea of what my work for the next year will be.

Right now laundry, unloading the trailer and food are my highest priorities.


  1. Get some rest. I'm looking forward to what you learned on the falling in when going right and improving your lateral work. I have both issues with Sugar. Dan

  2. Glad things went well! Will look forward to reading about your experiences.

  3. We're all waiting for those posts! Especially because you explain things so well. The mare who knew nothing should be very interesting.


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