Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A Boring (and Therefore Very Good) Update

Today was pretty warm - mid 80s.  Dawn and I had a lovely ride in the morning, after I turned the boys out to their paddocks.  Today was the first day I didn't sedate Red before turnout.  He led well, and only jumped around in his paddock for a moment - some head shaking and one buck - before settling down to eat hay.  His leg was still oozing a bit from the scraping he gave it yesterday, so I cleaned it up with some saline spray, put on some more Nolvasan, and put some stripes of Swat next to the incision line.

Dawn and Pie both got cool water rinse offs in the afternoon.  Red and I had a very nice ride - there was another horse trotting and cantering in the arena while we were in there and he stayed pretty chilled - he'd had 2 cc of oral ace, but that's not very much.  Our instructions were that if he came out sound, we could do two minutes of trotting in each direction, after our 10 minute walk warm up and followed by another 10 minutes of walking.

Sound and happy - that's what I like.  When Red's sound, there's nothing better in the world than the feeling of riding him - he's uphill, and forward, and soft, soft, soft, and the power from behind - even in a horse who's out of shape - is amazing.  We happily did our 4 minutes of trotting - there was no head shaking or any other stuff.  As was the case yesterday, his leg was less swollen after our ride than before - a good sign. After our ride, he got his first bath of the season - he'd missed out on the earlier bath session that Dawn and Pie had due to his incision not being able to get wet.  After we were done, I cleaned the incision area with Vetericyn spray, wiped it down with a gauze pad, and put on more Nolvasan.

Keeping fingers crossed the soundness continues . . .


  1. The last several days should feel like a very welcome reward to both you and Red, glad that his rehab has made so much good progress!

  2. Good news indeed. May the sound rides continue!


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