Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Bath Time Coming, I Sedate My Hand, and Tomorrow We Ride!

I see baths in our future - I very rarely bath my horses to preserve the oils in their coats, but tomorrow it's supposed to be in the 80s (80s! who would think that was possible . . .), so Dawn and Pie will probably get their spring baths.  Red can't have a bath yet since his leg isn't supposed to get wet.  That means tails can be washed and show sheened and brushed out - for the first time since last fall.  (I don't brush out tails in the winter to preserve the hairs.)

Today when I was giving Red his ace before our (now 30-minute) hand walk in the afternoon, I did a much better job of getting ace on my hand than I did getting it into Red's mouth - fortunately it doesn't really absorb through the skin so I didn't end up sedated.  We've been working on our meds by mouth, and he's getting better, but we aren't back yet to where he was before - no surprise after all the meds he's had to get.

We did our 30 minutes of hand walking in the arena as well as up and down the barn aisle.  He was certainly not as sedated as he could have been and was wanting to pick up the pace, particularly when horses cantered by him in the indoor, although he was very good.  We also took the occasion to do some more wash stall training, and after one try with some hesitation, he walked right in several times - good Red!

Tomorrow I'm able to start walking him under saddle - I'll use a bit more ace this time - and be sure to get it in his mouth instead of on my hand or up my sleeve . . .  Tomorrow we ride!


  1. I was just telling a friend tonight how much I am looking forward to bathing my horses now that it's getting warm!

  2. Yay for Red being well enough to ride!


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