Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Five Rides on Red, Vet Visit Tomorrow and Pie is Worked Up

Today was my fifth walking ride on Red, and the four-week anniversary of his surgery.  He's been doing very well - staying quiet in the pen for his turnout sessions and well-behaved for his walk rides in the afternoon, with minimal sedation.  Today was our fifth walk ride and if anything he was a bit on the sleepy side - I expect I can start reducing his sedation.

The leg still has some swelling, but there is no heat or tenderness, and he really likes me rubbing and massaging it.  Tomorrow morning the vet comes to evaluate how he is doing and his soundness to see what our next rehab steps will be.

An update on Red taking meds by mouth - now we're down to a few seconds - I hold the tube out to him, he opens his mouth and takes it in, I squirt the meds in, click and treat - no fuss, no muss.

Poor Pie has been stuck serving time as Red's babysitter, either in the stall or pen next to him.  Today, he'd had three days without riding and the lack of turnout time where he's able to run around was showing.  The ring was very crowded, with lots of children having lessons - and our ring is very small and was partly flooded from the very heavy rains we'd had a few days ago.  At one point poor Pie was startled by the sounds of a girl riding her horse into the sloppy area at the end of the ring behind him, and skittered sideways and forward as if the sound was going to kill him.

Pie and I ended up hanging around in the ring for over an hour before we could really ride - it's hard to work when kids are doing figure eight jumping patterns, taking the whole ring.  But the standing around allowed him to settle a bit, and when the kids (finally) left the ring, he was able to stretch his legs and did some nice trot and canter work.  Poor fella - it's hard on him being stuck as Red's companion, but considering the amount and depth of mud in our pastures, it's just as well he isn't out there right now.

We'll see what the vet has to say about Red tomorrow . . .


  1. Pie's a trooper; but I bet he will be happy when things get back to normal. Is there a herbal relaxer you can use to wean Red off Ace?

    1. Shirley - Red is on a herbal mix for calming - 1 tsp. each of valerian, chamomile and passion flower 2x a day. He also gets 1 tsp. of chaste tree berry 2x a day to keep his dominance behaviors with other horses under control. But those don't have the oomph that ace does, for now. Once we're able to do more and his turnout is increased, I think the ace can be pretty quickly moved to zero, but for now keeping him calm is the priority.


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