Friday, May 23, 2014

Happy Birthday Red!

Red is 13 today.  He's pretty proud of that - in fact he's pretty much proud of everything that relates to His Redness.  I like that about him - he's feisty, and proud, and full of himself, mischievous and a trouble-maker.  He'll also try very hard to do anything I ask and is without doubt one of the most responsive, sensitive and physically talented horses I've had the pleasure to ride - he's just amazing.  He's also very sweet and affectionate, which is pretty darn nice too.

So, on his birthday, here are some photos of His Excellent Redness.  Here he is last summer - you can see his naturally wavy, dark tail - that's Pie in front:

Here he is, in a bad cell phone photo, attempting to teach another horse to play "stick":

Beautiful, isn't he?:

This shows his curious personality:

And here are some photos of him in his paddock this morning - that's Pie in the background.  In the first photo, you can see that he's lost muscle as compared to the photos last summer:

But not too bad for a horse who's only starting back to work:

Watching me lead Dawn in from the pasture:

Happy birthday, Red!


  1. It's wonderful to see photos of your horses, in the situations we've been following so long.

  2. Happy Birthday Red; you beautiful thing, you. :) There is nothing more beautiful than a shiny chestnut coat.

  3. Happy Birthday! what a beautiful (handsome ) fellow

  4. What a beautiful boy!! My Red turns 13 on the 30th!

  5. Happy Birthday Mr. Personality! Love his color, he is a gorgeous boy.

  6. He is a beauty!! Happy Birthday, Red!

  7. Hi, I never comment, but I enjoy following your adventures with your wonderful horses. Happy birthday to the handsome Red... :)

  8. Happy birthday, Red! I love that shiny copper coat!


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