Monday, May 12, 2014

(Lack of) Learning on Ace, and Leg Crud

Red and I had our third ride post-surgery today - 30 more minutes of walking under saddle.  On our first ride, I gave him 2 1/2 cc of oral ace (less effective than injected ace), and he was very quiet, although responsive.  Yesterday, I gave him 2 cc of oral ace, and he was a bit keyed up and there was some bracing, although overall he was very good.  Today I gave him 2 1/2 cc again (our clicker work is really paying off and he is pretty easy to dose now).  The barn was very quiet and no one was there, so I had my husband stop by and stay for our ride.

Red was very quiet on the cross ties, but quite alert when I brought him into the arena - we had lots of cones and a few poles set up to keep us occupied.  I had my husband sit just outside the arena in one of the door openings.  Red saw him clearly as we got ready to ride.  After I got on, we went down to the other end of the arena, and when we came around towards the door where my husband was sitting, his head shot up, his eyes and ears locked on and he was extremely worried.  He thought hard about leaving, and we did a number of very fast small circles.  I called to my husband to stand up and got Red halted and got off.  I led him over to my husband and he was still alarmed but approached when I asked him to and sniffed my husband and his chair.  I had my husband move to sitting on the mounting block, and we had no further trouble and went on to have a very nice, relaxed ride.

It was very clear that, although Red had clearly registered my husband's presence, when we got to the end of the arena only a moment later, he had no retained memory of my husband being there.  I strongly suspect that this was an effect of the ace, which may affect the creation of memories, and hence learning.  His existing memories - how to do the various things I was asking him to do, including some lateral work, were perfectly intact. So all those folks at horse shows who school their horses on ace - don't expect your horse to be able to learn anything while sedated . . .

And, as a result of the heat and humidity and all the bandaging on his shaved leg - I've been polo wrapping Red's leg for his pen turnout to keep it from getting dirty and wet and to keep the flys off as I can't use fly spray on the leg - Red now has what I refer to as "leg crud" - scabby, scaly skin with flakes, and some rubbed places from the bandages - not scratches as it's not oozy or sore, but not nice either.  My standard remedy for stuff like this is an Eqyss Micro Tek shampoo bath - can't do that right now with Red as his leg can't get wet - or Listerine.  I just slather on Listerine - in Red's case, avoiding the incision - and it seems to work wonders for this sort of thing.  What remedies do you use for "leg crud"?


  1. I have a Young Living ointment I use, called Animal Scents. I works great for crud, and for minor wounds, scrapes, fly bites, etc.

  2. Micro Tek has an antifugal spray that works on strange skin things. I've used it on leg crud.

    Sometimes too, horses process "monsters in the bushes" differently with a rider on their backs even after they may have seen the same scary thing while in hand. Could be the rider in the saddle adds a bit of anxiety?

    Either way, glad to hear Red is coping well with his recovery....and you are too.


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