Saturday, May 17, 2014

Red Update

I somehow managed to ride all three horses today - it was a wonderful thing indeed.

Red's leg doesn't look any worse today, either in the morning, afternoon or before my ride.  He continues to walk very well.  We had a really excellent walk ride this afternoon - he was very relaxed despite only having a small amount of ace.  I did lots of massage of the leg before and after my ride, and there was no heat or sensitivity to touch - in fact he seemed to really enjoy the massage.  After our ride, I also put on some more arnica gel.

It is likely that our brief trot work on Thursday, combined with the farrier manipulating his leg on Friday, broke up some scar tissue/adhesions - hence the soreness on Friday.

Red seems to have decided that life is now OK, or at least more OK than it was.  He's out almost full day in the pen next to Pie, and getting lots of attention.

During our ride, another rider put out a bunch of cones, and Red was very interested in them and insisted in working around them - we did circles, leg yields, serpentines, lots of fun stuff - he seemed happy about this.

And the time to give him medicine by mouth is down to a few seconds, with every time being better - I walk in the stall, hold out the tube, he walks up and puts his mouth on the tube, I dose the medicine, click/treat and we're done.  Sure beats the alternatives.


  1. Great progress! Bet you will be glad when this is all over though.

  2. I'm glad to hear he's on the mend and happier.


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