Monday, May 5, 2014

So Far, So Good - Red Update

Since Red got out of his tight, big, surgical compression bandage on day 14 after his surgery, his recovery has been coming along well.  It's now day 19, and the leg looks a bit better every day.  He's up to 3 1/2 hours of morning turnout in a small pen next to Pie, and we're hand walking 20 minutes in the afternoon.  Tomorrow he should get 4 hours of turnout, and if all continues to go well, we'll move up to 30 minutes of hand walking on Thursday - and if we want, that can also be done ridden.  I'm looking forward to that, and I don't think Red will mind either.

He's on no meds now except for some ace before turnout and before his hand walk, and some DMSO on the swelling in front of and behind the incision.  I've been able to reduce the amount of ace a bit each day, and I expect we may not need any pretty soon.  He's been very good in the pen - he walks around quite a bit but there's been no trotting or cantering, which is good.  Having Pie there keeps him calm, and due to the location of the pen he can only interact with Pie over the fence, which keeps him quiet.  Being in the pen has made him much more settled mentally. His hand walks are better each day - he's been very well-behaved and enjoys getting out, and we do figures, using cones and poles, to keep us entertained.  We also walk up and down the barn aisles so he can sniff noses with his herd mates.

Here's how the leg looks today:

The mark from the kick impact that we think resulted in the splint bone fracture way below is the "ding" several inches above and slightly to the right of the incision line.

Here's a close-up of the incision - the top and bottom sutures were cut but the rest of the sutures are being left to dissolve - I'm no expert but the suturing of the incision looks very well done to me:

There's still some residual swelling, but it's a lot less than it was even a few days ago:

For less than three weeks out from the surgery, it's looking very good, and Red continues to be comfortable moving and completely sound at the walk.  I'm unable to keep a standing wrap on him, or to ice his leg using a boot, as he kicks off anything applied to his leg as quickly as he can.  So I ice by hand, and leave his standing wrap on for only a few hours at a time - Red continues to have opinions . . .

We've stopped the Reserpine, as it was giving him looser manure with each dose - he had diarrhea with the last dose.  The ace seems to be doing the trick anyway.  I have started him back on a herbal mix - chaste tree for his tendency to be a bit aggressive with other horses, and vervain, chamomile and passion flower for calming.  My vet is on board with those, and says they won't interact with the Reserpine still in his system or the ace.

The vet will be back at the four week mark to take a good look at how things are healing and to evaluate his soundness.  So far, so good . . .


  1. Great update. I'm glad Red continues to heal well. I'm no expert, but that suture job is beautiful.

  2. Sometimes it seems like the convalescing period can be the worst part, and Red seems to be handling it ok. I'm so glad to hear he's doing well, and his incision looks really good!

  3. Glad that Red is happy & healing well!

  4. Glad to hear things are getting better. His leg looks better than I would expect.

  5. It sounds like Red is much happier, and he looks great.

  6. Everything seems to be going well. I'm happy for you and Red.

  7. Glad that he is well on the road to complete recovery!

  8. Looks good from here. Sending healing vibes for body and soul.


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