Monday, May 19, 2014

Two Minutes of (Sound) Trotting

I conferred by phone with my vet.  She agreed that taking Red back to walk work only for a few days had been a good idea.  She suggested that today, after our walk warm up, we do one minute of trot work in one direction, followed by one minute of trot work in the other direction, and then finish with more walk work.  If he comes back sound tomorrow, we can add one minute in each direction over the next several days and see how he does.

Today there was no one at the barn as I was getting ready to ride Red, so I had my husband come over and sit on the mounting block while we were riding - I often ride alone, but not when a horse is coming off stall and pen rest and has to be sedated for riding.  He also was able to time our trotting, which helped me with the time.

We did 10 minutes of walk warm up, followed by our two minutes of trotting, followed by 10 more minutes of walk work.  Red was great - there was no fussing, not even a head shake, and his trot was sound and felt very good.  Keeping fingers crossed for tomorrow.

I'd noticed when grooming that the lower end of his incision had the scab scraped off - perhaps from rolling - and was oozing a very small amount of blood from the surface.  After our ride, I sprayed it with saline spray to clean it, dabbed it with a sterile gauze pad and put on some nolvasan.  Then I applied more arnica gel to the leg, which looked less swollen after our ride than before - always a good sign.

Just another day in rehab - but a good one.  Oh, and I also rode Dawn and Pie today, and they were both very good - they say they've been neglected lately due to Red monopolizing the blog.


  1. Good news on the Red (blog hog) front. Won't it be nice when you get back to equal time for all the pony reports? :D

  2. Did you mention a bit ago that you were testing Pie for Lyme? How did that turn out?

    1. Shirley - don't have the results yet.


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