Sunday, June 8, 2014


Dawn had a day off yesterday - she's often slightly sore after her hoof trim.  And she'll have another day off today.

Red continues to do very well.  Yesterday we did 8 minutes of trot work again, and by the end his trot was forward and engaged and he was doing some nice stretching down.  A day off for him today as well, with perhaps a walk around.  Monday we'll up the ante to 10 minutes of trotting and see if we can hold it there for a week - that's our next rehab goal.

Pie and I had a ride yesterday that started off very well and ended oddly.  For the first time in a while, his trot was just great - forward, engaged and with lots of elevation - and in both directions.  So I got overeager and we tried a little bit of canter.  Right lead, just fine.  But when I asked him for left lead canter, he balked.  Just plain refused to even move forward.  Now this isn't something Pie ever does, so it was pretty odd.  I asked for left lead canter again down the center line, and he was able to do a few strides.  When I turned around and asked again, he cantered, but it was horrible and discombobulated - I think he was cross cantering on the right lead behind and left lead in front - he'd tried to do what I asked but the right hind was just too weak to do it, so he had to do right lead behind.  He wanted to change in front but couldn't get his feet organized, so he was a bit panicked. Poor fellow - he's so willing to try.  I stopped, we did just a bit of trot to check his soundness - he seemed OK - and then I got off and apologized to him for not listening well enough.  It's sure a good thing horses are forgiving. I'll walk him around a bit today and we'll see how he is tomorrow.  He's only had two doses of levamisole (the immune system modulator we're giving him to try to dampen down his neurological symptoms) and it usually takes at least 5 doses before horses improve.


  1. Always a worry. But hopefully the levamisole will kick in and balance his immune system. It's an amazing drug.

  2. Red sounds great!

    Hope Pie's levamisole helps him soon. Poor guy.


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