Monday, June 2, 2014

Feisty Dude

Red was pretty feisty today.  When I turned him out into his paddock this morning, he bucked and then did his best to sprint around his paddock - it's the size of a large living room, maybe 25x25 feet.

The horses came in early due to some thunderstorms moving through.  When I came back in the afternoon, Red was pretty anxious to see me - lots of nickering.  When I put him on cross ties to groom, there was some pawing and head flinging - he was clearly feeling pretty good.  There was even one attempt at nipping, which I squelched.

We had a very nice ride, with about 7 minutes of trotting.  He was well behaved for the most part - once, when I nudged him with my heel to ask for more forward, he bowed up a bit and shook his head, but we moved right along.

A workman was hanging a poster (on horse diseases/injuries and when to call a vet) just outside the arena door.  Red took a bit to get used to that, but he did, and the hammering of nails didn't bother him.  As I was walking by the arena door (we were done with our trot work), the workman's tape measure fell off his belt and skittered across the concrete barn aisle - quite an odd noise.  Red bolted, but I managed to turn him after a few strides, and we went back to look at the tape measure.  I had the workman throw it down along the aisle a couple of times so Red could see - he was pretty ho hum about it at that point.

When I took Pie out for a hand walk - he seems to be feeling a bit better - Red was screaming and screaming - louder than usual.  I'd forgotten to take Red's ice boot off, so I tied Pie in the arena and went back to Red's stall.  His ice boot was lying crumpled up in the corner - all velcros still attached - and one of the ice inserts was lying in a completely different part of his stall.  He'd clearly been running in circles in his stall while kicking off the the boot - luckily no harm seems to be done to the boot or his leg - not sure how he managed to get it off while it stayed fastened.

I'm glad to see Red feeling good and feisty - that is his normal personality - it means he's feeling a lot better.  It makes handling him something that requires more care, but that's fine by me.  It's still a while before he's ready for full turnout - we need to get up to 10 minutes of trot work and do that for a week - which means he'll be full of energy.


  1. Red has such a big personality!

  2. It certainly sounds like he's feeling much better.


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