Sunday, June 15, 2014

Fruit Loop

Red was a fruit loop today - while we were hand-grazing - for 40 minutes - yawn - he did several big spooks - the type that'll give you rope burn if you aren't paying attention.  But he calmed down right away each time - grass will do that.

There is a "pool house" very close to the barn - it belongs to the barn owner's family and is used for family gatherings.  There are umbrellas and also an awning - today it was very windy and the awning looked as though it would take flight, which thankfully it didn't while Red was grazing.

When I led him back into the barn on the way back to Pie and his paddock, he spooked in the aisle at something behind him - the pool house activity, I think - lost his footing and partially fell in the concrete aisle - his back end went down and he got a pretty good case of road rash on the fronts of his hind pasterns.  Didn't look too serious, although there was blood and ouchies.  But fortunately, apparently nothing worse.  He was walking fine afterwards.  I cleaned his wounds and put Neosporin on and later in the afternoon, cleaned them again and put on some Swat to keep the flies off tomorrow.

No serious swelling or tenderness, so we rode.  He was understandably a bit stiff, but finally stretched out and was able to do some nice stretching down trot work.  We didn't work a full 10 minutes at trot, and I put him away after giving him a gram of bute to help with the soreness.

Silly fruit loop . . .

Pie and Dawn were both very good for their rides, and I felt fortunate to ride today since I spent several hours in the ER yesterday morning with really severe pain under one shoulder blade.  I'd been a bit sore all week, and thought it was just an overuse injury, but after various tests, the conclusion was that I have shingles.  I'm on anitviral meds now, and feel much better - much less pain and I'm no longer feeling yucky.  I didn't immediately get the shingles vaccine when I turned 60 - guess I should have done that . . .


  1. So sorry about the shingles; never had it but family and friends have suffered from it. Hope it resolves quickly!

  2. Ouchers on the sorry. I did get the vaccine, so I hope I will never get them.

    What a silly boy Red can be. Guess he needs that turnout to get rid of the "sillies" about now.

  3. Sorry to hear about the shingles- you know, I had never heard of it being prevalent until the last 4 years.... makes one wonder...

  4. Oh boy, I hope the shingles move on quickly. Yuck!

  5. Melissa - fortunately, I caught it early and the antiviral meds may keep it from being a bad case - I sure hope so!

  6. Oh, man, Brett had shingles a few years ago and the pain was awful! I hope your case resolves quickly.


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