Sunday, June 22, 2014

Left Eye Spookiness

Red is up to 2 1/2 hours with his friends in the pasture, and is a much happier horse.  Pie is up to 15 minutes of hand grazing - mostly weeds, clover and dandelions - he disdains grass and is very selective about the "summer tonic" he wants to eat.  Dawn's weight is holding well before her dental surgery, and I'm careful to find her some soft hay to eat.  And all rides are going well and everyone is currently off all meds and sedation - makes my life a bit easier.

Pie's left eye cyst - it's on the lower back edge of his iris - looks to be getting quite a bit larger.  The eye specialist was out last July and we didn't do anything then, but it may be time to have them come and take another look.  In our recent rides, even when I turn on the lights in the indoor arena - to reduce the contrast between light and shadow - Pie has been very left eye spooky, reacting to things while tracking right - where his left eye is on the outside - that he doesn't react to when tracking left - with his right eye on the outside.

Today was  good case in point.  We had a lot of rain last evening, and one of the paddocks outside the arena door had a large puddle in it.  Puddle?  Who cares?  Well, Pie did, a lot, when his left eye was out.  There were several major spooks - he plants his feet and spins.  I dismounted and led him out there, and there was a stretched neck, ears at attention, snorting - lots of snorting - until he could creep up on the demon puddle - it clearly was a gate to the underworld as far as he was concerned.  He seems to have trouble seeing things out of his left eye and making sense of what he sees.

Some of this could be due to his lack of turnout, although it only happens when his left eye is on the outside.  That will be clear shortly when he starts joining Red in turnout.  But somehow I don't think so.  No trail riding for us until we get this sorted out - a horse that can't see well out of one eye and is worried about it is no fun on the trail.


  1. Is the cyst associated with the "corpus nigra"? RT has one in one eye, and the remains of one in the other (detached and settled to the bottom of his iris). Along with his cataracts, he doesn't see much at all. I understand that there's some sort of laser surgery that can be done, but at his age, RT isn't a good candidate. Pie...much more so...

    1. EvenSong - that's what it is, and Pie is a good candidate for the surgery when we decide to do it. I strongly suspect that's his problem.

  2. Interesting observations. I hope it isn't the cyst, but I'm sure you will keep us posted.

    It never ends with horses does it?

  3. I'm in a similar "boat" with Chance's feet, although he's showing a bit of a navicular issue, so he will need an angle adjustment and shoes. No worry for me yet.My horse feeders I'm sure the riding will be no problem, but it's the mounting and dismounting I'm not sure of with my left hip still not free of pain. Otherwise, I'd be on track with you starting back in to riding.

  4. Between you and I we have done our share to support the practice of veterinary medicine lately!

  5. Aw I hope this is fixable! He's such a young horse yet!

  6. Interestingly, I don't think my horse Panama sees well out of his right eye, but it's HIS left eye he is more spooky with -- usually when he has seen something with the right eye first and didn't realize it was something "scary," I think, and then sees it with his left and goes, "I didn't know that was there!" When it's something noisy, though, he is spooky on the right side, which is why I think it's his right eyes that doesn't see as well -- the noise is what lets him know it is there.


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